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Oxo Cubes / Knorr Stock Pots


Losin the baby weight :-)
Seriously??? Whoop whoop ha! :bliss: That’s mint – I was sure the stockpots would be synned! Thank you very much x
OK - help! My 2008 food directory says that oxo cubes are 1/2 syn for the chicken ones, and 1 syn for the veg and beef ones? My weight loss has been RUBBISH this week after returning to SW after a year and I'm wondering whether my retro food directory is messing up my syns? I know you don't lose weight as quickly if you have too many/too few syns xx


Never gets tired of SW!
Louise, ignore your 2008 directory! From the start of this year SW changed the rules and ALL stock (cubes/stockpots/liquid stock) is now totally free!! I'm sure that even if it wasn't, at 1/2- 1 syn a time that wouldn't be responsible for slowing down your losses! Do you keep a food diary? Why don't you post one on here and I'll have a look at it for you if you like! And you say you've only been back a week? If you've been following the plan properly I'm sure it'll show next week hun!X
oh no, there's a reason i call it my food bible! i might just have to bite the bullet and buy the 2010 one! and i have kept a food diary, i've stuck to everything like glue, and in fairness i am just being impatient! but if next week things aren't looking so good i might just take you up on that! thank you tho, v. kind :) xx

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