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Pack times

Ok this is probably asked every week but when does everyone have their 3 meals a day?

Day 1 yesterday and i had my brekkie shake at 2pm dinner at 6pmsoup and supper at 9.30pm a bar.

Like having my bar late as thats mymunch time, but not sure as to when to have my 2 shakes.
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I have all mine as late as possible, I wait til I start to feel hungry and then I have my first one.
Usual times are about 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. And that's coz I'm always hungrier in the evenings as I stay up quite late.
I've just started too but have done Cambridge in the past
I find if I have my morning shake too early I can feel hungry so have switched to having that mid-morning, my second shake at around 2pm and then the final soup around 8pm
Have to say I always skipped breakfast when eating regular meals so have to make a bit of adjustment to times etc but they sort of follow the times I begin to feel hungry and the evening one is timed to coincide with when I'm cooking the tea so I don't feel hungry once I serve up
Hope this Helps
Andrea x
Well today i had my shake at 11.30, im the ole tummy is rumbling now, but im going to try hold out till 4pm befor i have my soup. All this water is making me very sloshy and rumbly
I usually have my bar around midday, a soup around 5pm and a shake in the evening usually around 9pm (thats when im at home) If i am at uni i have a shake at 5.30am for breakfast a bar for lunch when ever my break is (this can be any time between 11am and 2/3pm) and a soup or shake when i get home which is usually around 7pm. I always go to bed early after uni so im not up thinking about comfort eating!
lol i was in hope that the packs would eventually 'fill' me up ince i was used to them but if im anything like starlight ive no hope. oh well i guess i will be rumbly all day everyday lol untill i have finished with exante. Got a massive load of washing up to do so think i will have my soup after i have tackled that.
Starlight said:
I only do 7 nights in a month but Im not hungry and anyway dont find the packs filling. Evenings are my difficult time so I prefer having my packs then.
I do the same

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