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packed lunch ideas?

I like cold pasta 40g 2 points, with a tin of ww tuna sweetcorn and mayo 2 point, small cherry tomatoes 0 points, and maybe 3 crab sticks cut up 1/2 point and if you need extra mayo 1 point. 5 1/2 points and very filling indeed.

I have also done a chicken risotto with leftover vegetables and a veg stock, that will do you for two days, 7 points.

I agree with Rach, rice and pasta are always a good option for a filling meal. Problem with that is that some people don't like cold rice/pasta (I personally love it, but OH won't touch it).

How about crackers and cottage cheese or something. I think Tesco healthy living cottage cheese is about 4 points for the whole tub! You could have that with a pack of melba toast (another 1.5 points), I always find that quite filling (it's the cottage cheese that does it), and that must stand for something because I have a massive appetite, lol.
What about a wrap with a low fat filling, tuna,chicken,turkey etc

You could do the same with pitta, have you tried the WW sausage rolls, not sure how many points.

You could take a funsize choccy bar which are normally only 1-2 points depending on which one.
What about Rivita the dark rye ones are gorgeous and only 1/2 point each, you can top them with absolutly anything. Personally I dont like cottage cheese so I normally top it with weightwatchers soft cheese 50g is 1 point so that is quarter of the pot topped off with a tomatoe. Even the Tesco healthy eating is the same. Then you can have a low chocky bar after or even a packet of snack ajacks then are really tasty and only 1.5.
have you got a micowave -

this is my pack lunch ideas i take to work hope this helps!- you can change it around this is just an idea of you!

jacket and w.w tin of tuna mayo and sweetcorn - and salad (i just cook the jacket in mirowave in work then add a tin of tuna and salad on side) = 4points

pitta bread (no butter) 30g roast chicken (no skin) tiny bit of salt - very small ammount of salad cream - with salad (i always do my salad in the small pot as the tomato/cumb makes things wet to much) = 4pts

roast chicken and ham salad too - as 30g of chicken and 30g wafer thin ham and salad only = 1point

2x quorn bugers (u can cook in mirowave for 2 mins) and two mini brown rolls and 10g of good for you cheese = 5pts

as a snack i will have low fat crisps (walkers or quavers) and mini chocolate bar with fruit!

x enjoy

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