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  1. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Thought I would share what I made today - so nice I ate 4 Opps !

    6 hard boiled eggs
    Sausages with skin removed
    Parsley thyme chill salt and pepper

    Mix sausage meat with spices ( I then put I'm the fridge as quite wet - then wrapped round eggs and baked for approx 30 mins - slightly stuck to the bottom of the roasting tin / next time I'll use a pizza tray

    Yum with mayo
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  3. livvy1970

    livvy1970 Full Member

    Two of mine burst open ( they were the ones I ate first )

    Yeah may try baking sheet thanks
  4. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    slimming world
    I made dh some of these. he loved them

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