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Pancake day tuesday... Lent? ... Did you make it? :D


Just got thinking about Pancake day and Lent etc, and anyway two thoughts for everyone;

One, if your going to have pancakes what ones are you going to have? lowest points for them? either ready brought or made up :) hehe

and two,

What's everyone giving up? i've gone for chocolate and crisps because if i didnt eat those then my diet would be amazing!!! but thats the downfalls i have! :)
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Good thread... hadn't really thought about it tbh. Will probably go with the ready made variety, easier to point.

What am I giving up? Ummm, yes I'm going to go for chocolate too, but am also going to promise to exercise for each day of lent since I haven't done any exercise in 2010 yet :eek:
Good thread... hadn't really thought about it tbh. Will probably go with the ready made variety, easier to point.

What am I giving up? Ummm, yes I'm going to go for chocolate too, but am also going to promise to exercise for each day of lent since I haven't done any exercise in 2010 yet :eek:
I like the exercise idea! I need to push myself to do more, i do, do some on the wii but hardly as regular at it as i use to be! so will pick that up an extra gear i think! :)

i was thinking of going for ready made... but there is something about making your own that you just can't beat lol... probably the amount of attempts it takes to toss the things!!!


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
im giving up alcohol, i dont even like it that much but seem to drink alot hmmmm not sure how that works. pancakes i havent thought about but probably the ready mixed stuff as its easier to pt.


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
As for pointed pankcakes. Tesco pancake mix bottle including the 400ml skimmed milk you need to add comes to 9.5 points and makes 6 pancakes so is 1.58pts per pancake...
I hate eggy manky pancakes, i like the american cake type ones but i wont be having any as they are too high in points really and i want to eat the whole packet!
I bought a bottle of Dr Oatker ready mixed in a bottle (just add milk) & that makes 6-8 pancakes & they work out at 1pt each made with semi skimmed milk. Can't wait till tuesday, yum:D

Havn't decided what to give up for lent yet though:confused:
This is a great thread! I think I will be buying some of the ready mixed stuff as described in the posts above - the one with the least points!

As for what to give up I think it will be crisp type snacks - I have the WW ones and they are only 1 point but I am having 2 a day some days and it is just a waste of points. More importantly I am going to commit to doing at least half an hour of some form of extra exercise each day - I am getting far too lazy.

I'm going to use the ready mixed stuff..... nice and easy, just add milk! lol I love the fact we can enjoy pancakes on Pancake Day just like everybody else, AND we don't need to feel guilty, cos they can easily be fitted into our points and our diets! As a Mum I'd hate to cook things for the kids and not be able to enjoy them myself and I also think if your kids see you missing out on foods because they are 'fattening' then it doesn't send a good message to them either. I think they should see me eating a varied but healthy diet, I'd hate for them to grow up with food hangups. (Sorry went off on a tangent then! Talking to myself really! lol)

If anyone is interested there are several Pancake recipes in the latest Weight Watchers magazine. The ones with sugar and lemon are the lowest pointed filling that they've mentioned.

As for what am I going to give up for lent... hmmm.... probably snacking in the evening OR sweet snacks, I'll have to pick one and really try and stick to it.

Goodluck to everyone else and I hope all your pancakes turn out Lovely!!!!
Well it's nearly pancake day!! i have one day left to enjoy chocolate and crisps!!!! :( it's going to be torture! but hopefully be worth it! bring on the sugar free jelly instead! :D
As it's Half-term my little one is going to stay with his GrandParents tomorrow, so today is going to be our Pancake Day.... he is so excited!!! Ok Ok I'm excited too! lol I don't know why... it's only Pancakes! lol

I've bought a couple of mixes Dr.Oetker and another one and I'm going to work out the lowest point mix and make that with skimmed milk. Does anyone know, is it ok to use skimmed milk does it affect the taste or mix? Then I'm oing to have mine with some lovely fresh lemons that I bought yesterday and some granulated sweetener..... yummy!

Hope everyone had a fab Valentines Day!
We're doing homemade ones, where's the fun in bought ones?! :p

We have toffee sauce, strawberries, bananas, and chocolate buttons. Not for the same pancake though, that may be a little sickly. My mate has salt & vinegar. Eurgh. Me and the fella stick with sweet.

I usually give something up for lent, but this year I won't be. As you may/may not know, I am doing a different series of "giving up" challenges this year, and they don't fall in the right dates for lent :p
Chocolate is a good one though. ATM I am not having bread, which runs to the 10th March, then we move on to meat... :D
i buy the ready made ones from asda at the fresh bit. Scotch pancakes they are called and i point them at 2pts. I love pancakes and eat them every week.

I love the smell of them when they are heated in the micro...MMMMMMmm



The mother flippin'
I'm going to make my own. Will probably have sugar and lemon, but also have golden syrup which will go well with bananas, yum.

I want to give up crisps and milk chocolate for a while, but probably not for lent as I'm an atheist and it's a bit too religious. I know, I know, the whole thing is religious but when it involves eating food I don't care :p
well i've had my last fix of crisps and chocolate lent starts in 8mins! ha! oh dear it's gonna be a challenging one this year! usually only give up one! :D
Good luck smirky! Happy pancake day people x

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