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Paul McKenna's weight loss system

Hi Everyone :sign0144:

There doesn't seem to be a lot on here about the " I can make you thin system". So i'm putting myself forward as the human guinea pig. I'm desperate to lose weight but also to get off this diet merry go round. I have a lot of weight to lose at least 8 stone so if it doesnt work i'll go back to conventional dieting. So day 1, have to say i have definately ate much less than i normally would but hey the night is young. The stopping eating when you feel full is not a problem but eating only when I'm hungry is a nightmare. I haven't felt real physical hunger in at least a decade. I also have to listen to a hypnosis cd everynight and do certain techniques if i get cravings or want to emotionally eat. The only sticking point is i can't weight myself for two weeks so my plan is try the techniques and the use minimins website to cope with it. I'm also pledging to myself that i will buy a camera on pay day and post some pictures, the thought of it terrifies me but no pain no gain.
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Hi Rainbow, missed you yesterday or I would have said Hello. :p

The Paul McKenna TV programmes were fascinating. Keep browsing the boards and you will find lots of motivation and inspiration from normal folk, just like you and me who have lost or are losing huge amounts of weight in all sorts of different ways. The people on here are lovely. I am quite a new girl myself and am so pleased I found this site. :) Keep us posted - literally - on your progress !!
im very interested in this i have been thinking of buying some form of hypno tape i watched one oh his videos once and i fell asleep lol! very very relaxing
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I've tried paul mckenna previously and found it to work well until I fell off the wagon :(. Keep us up to date with how you get on, best of luck!

Hiya everyone

It's nice to meet you all. I ordered the dvd's off the internet after I had bought the book. I have to say the book pretty much covers it but I prefer to watch the dvd's. I'm on day 5 and feel like it's going ok. I haven't weighed myself but I do feel like I've lost something (ah god, probably gained and it's a wishful hallucination) I thought I would be grabbing chocs and stuff but am finding i don't feel like it. I have an easter egg and it's sat on my worktop for a few days and don't feel like eating it. If you knew me you would know that was some kind of miracle. Having said that, Its early days. I am on holiday from work and I've thought I had it cracked with lots of diets only to fall off the wagon in a spectactular gorge. The funniest thing is at the end of the day I go through a panic thing when i try to count my calories of what i've had and then realise I don't need to do it. I suppose 15 years of diets is a big habit to change. The cd is v good though It sends me to sleep after a few minutes but It's supposed to still work. Anyway I'll keep posting, good luck with your plans.

I think they were about 55 pound. I got them from his website but someone told me qvc sells them too.

I've had some health problems so I'm doing the dotor weigh in thing too. My first is on wednesday.


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Good luck for Thursday and let us know how it goes. I think Paul McKenna has a very sexy voice, and even after meeting him at one of his seminars and realising how short he is, the voice still works for me :eek:


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no pain no gain. < thats quite funny i used to say that but on one of his cds he kinda says its a myth no pain no gain .. and kind of tells you off for thinking that lol.

Pippy Bear

Fighting the fat!
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I think they were about 55 pound. I got them from his website but someone told me qvc sells them too.

Not sure how much but you're right, QVC do sell them. I find them quite inspiring and use them alongside SW. It will definitely be interesting to see how you find using just them.
Hi, I am starting Paul Mckenna tomorrow too..

I did it a month ago and lost 4lbs but unfortunately due to travelling and half term i stopped following the rules and lost the plot...

But tomorrow day 1 to a new me :)

How are you doing on it now rainbowbrite???
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I don't really know much about how it works, but would you say it's similar to 'normal' hypnosis or is it quite different with it being a sort of 'self help' thing? I've considered going to see a hypnotherapist but not sure if I'd trust a stranger when i'm not in control, but I like the 'self help' idea as I think i'd feel more in control?



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Basically Paul Mc has four rules:

1 Eat when you're hungry
2 Eat what you want
3 Eat slowly
4 Stop when you're full

Sounds daft, but that's the basics. The cds and books help you with other things - thoughts, mind stuff, tapping, etc but it's all based on you being in control.

I'm really enjoying the Glenn Harrold stuff, but also listen to Paul McKenna and I really feel like it's making a difference. I haven't weighed myself, but the eating is far more under control than ever, I'm drinking masses of water, and I feel much more in control of myself and my life.

I started last tuesday, but didn't listen to the cd for a few nights and struggled the following days. Don't know if its psychological or the if the cd makes that big of a difference. I had to get weighed by gp this morning and have lost 2lbs. I'm going to weigh myself every month as I tend to get scale obsessed so have chucked mine out despite a wee weight loss for week one i'm going to stick with it and make sure i make time for the cd and the four golden rules. Melody It's nice to hear you are starting this too, it'll be good to hear other peoples experience of it.
I found Paul McKennas I can make you thin, absolutely fantastic, and have just started browsing this forum. Its slow and you lose weight according to your body so all the results will be different, I've lost 16lb so far and have kept it up since mid Feb (may not sound like alot over that amount of time, but last time i went on a diet, it worked well, then i gorged and gained all what i lost, aiming to lose another 44lb atleast!).

As Paul says during the book, what all have you got to lose in trying the system for 1-2 months except for weight?

I picked up the book with cd for about a fiver in Asda.

My favourite is eating whatever you want, I've really went up in the quality of food I have got for lunch now, mainly cause you are meant to chew your food alot with it, and do you really want to chew something poor quality in your mouth multiple times? also since nothing is restricted you dont really get cravings.

Any time I feel like i'm falling off the wagon I just listen to the cd, it reminds me or kicks me back onto it.

I know it probably sounds like I'm trolling for this method, but I've been recommending it to absolutely everyone. I really hope you get what you want from the system.

Please keep us all informed on your losses.
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I've really went up in the quality of food I have got for lunch now, mainly cause you are meant to chew your food alot with it, and do you really want to chew something poor quality in your mouth multiple times?
You have made a good point here. When I'm stressed a biscuit can go down my neck almost without meeting my teeth at all. I've just had a look at the book and though I don't want to be hypnotised, a lot of it makes sense.


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I remember when I first found the system and went to his seminar - I was a major advert for Paul, always yabbing on about him :eek: It definitely works - you just have to be prepared to work the system, and accept the rate of loss :cool:


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I think 'hyponosis' has had a bad press in the past. PMK himself had a show in the 90s where he'd invite members of the audiance up onto a stage and have them barking like dogs at a certain word etc and I supppose people remember that when they think of being hypnotised. Also some were said to have used hypnosis for unsavory behaviour shall we say. So it's no wonder people can be apprehensive.

I like the 2 cds I have: PMK and Marisa Peer. They start off getting you to relax and then visualise yourself as slim, fit and healthy. I also like how Paul's book has some self-esteem exercises like The Friendly Mirror. I've recently started listening to MP again and listened to PMK last night, I had no headphones so just listened on the computer and even though the bits of it where he talks into your left and right ear saying different things was a bit weird minus headphones it was still pretty positive.:)

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