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PCOS and Slimming World

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Hello all,

I'm sure I'm one of many ladies on minimins who suffer from PCOS so perhaps this question has already been answered.
I would just like to discuss how effective SW is for people with PCOS. I've been reading up a little, (in a "fed up with my body and its not-working-ness" mood) and all the places I've looked they all suggest Low GI diets.
Would red days be kind of counted as those with the lower levels of carbs?

Discuss please! I'd like some more opinions to help me along in this journey.

:DLove to you all!:D
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Howdy elb4160

I am one of those ladies with PCOS, and I have previously lost weight following Weight Watchers, and more recently on Slimming World.

I have been on the extra easy plan since July 26th 2010, with a few bad weeks (my fault entirely), but in 16 weeks, I have lost 34lbs. I personally don't subscribe to the hype that you need to be on a specific diet to lose weight with PCOS; I just needed to stop eating badly, and Slimming World has become a lifestyle choice for me, rather than a diet.

There are loads of food diaries online, which can give you an idea of what sorts of things that people are eating, and I believe that a number of users find these really helpful.... I personally don't put mine online, (apathy, rather than a decision not to) but find that I have reduced carbs and increased veg intake as part of the plan; Extra Easy wants you to eat 1/3 of all meals as superfree, which are veg or fruit (which was hard in the beginning, but is now routine)

I would highly recommend SW to anyone trying to lose weight; the only thing you have to lose by trying is the excess baggage :)


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I don't know much about PCOS but I think red days are great if you are worried about too many carbs. You really limit intake on red days. You could always give it a try and see you you feel.
I try and do 50/50 red n green days but I know a couple of my friends struggle on red days and do more green.

There is no harm in trying more red if you think it might help. Good luck hun :)


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Low GI is not the same thing as low carb - complex carbs such as those free on green can also be low GI - so I suggest getting professional advice

This is off the SW website

Q: I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Is Slimming World’s Food Optimising suitable for me?
A: Yes, Food Optimising is ideal for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. We have discussed PCOS with medical and dietetic experts who inform us that, in general, it is recommended that people with PCOS follow the same sort of healthy diet and lifestyle changes recommended to the population as a whole. That is to limit fat (especially saturated fat), sugar and salt intake, and include plenty of fruit, vegetables and starchy carbohydrate food. Weight loss can certainly be of real benefit. Food Optimising is based on these current healthy eating guidelines, and is an ideal way to eat a balanced diet, lose weight and maintain your new weight long term.

For balanced nutrition in line with current guidelines, we do recommend members include both Green and Original choices within a week or follow the Food Optimising Green choice solely to provide a healthy intake of carbohydrate. However, as with all medical conditions, we would always recommend you follow any medical or dietary advice given by your doctor, which may be tailored to your individual needs.

The great news is, because Food Optimising is extremely generous and flexible and allows you to choose the foods you want to eat; it is suitable for practically every dietary requirement or preference. Your Consultant would help you incorporate any specific requirements suggested by your doctor and of course, give you plenty of support and encouragement to help you reach your personal weight goals.
S: 28st8lb C: 28st8lb G: 20st0lb BMI: 63.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you guys! I know low GI doesnt always mean low carb but more the types (from what I've read anyway)
One website I saw today suggested substituting regular potatoes for sweet potatoes.
I have PCOS and was finally diagnosed the beginning of this year, I have had suspicions I had PCOS from when I was younger. But the symptoms got much worse for me after the birth of my son (just over 4 years ago) when my weight was at it's heaviest.

Slimming World is the perfect diet for those with PCOS, it is a load of rubbish about having to avoid all carbs, PCOS sufferers do not need to do this at all, however you should avoid any white carbs which have no health benefits whatsoever.

I would say Extra Easy is the best plan to follow, but try to choose wholewheat rices, pastas etc instead of the white. Limit potatoes - new potatoes or sweet potatoes are a better choice (especially with skin left on).

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