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Peachy's Food Diary - am gonna do it this time!!


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Hi guys
have re-started 100% today, and thought I'm going to post my food diary to keep me motivated!!
I don't own scales at the mo, and am not too worried about my actual weight just dress size (to a 12 from a 16), I'm going it alone to start with and may rejoin a group at a later date so here goes...
Green Day

B/fast 42g Crunchy Bran(HEXB) & Cherry Activia, Tea, dash milk 1/2 syn
Lunch Pasta Pot Shot Chicken 1 syn, green tea
Dinner (planned) Jacket Potato Cheese (HEXA'S) & Beans, Spinach, Mushrooms,
Pineapple and Melon (fresh)

Snack Alpen Light Bars (HEXB)

Syns... not yet planned, probably a small Time Out 4.5 and an options 2 plus the 1.5 I've already had.

How does that sound? All my drinks are green tea
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Day 2 EE

B/fast: scrambled eggs (3), 1/2 tin tomatoes, 1/2 tin beans, 3 quorn sausages, tea (HEXA milk)

Lunch: Carrot and coriander soup - homemade, 3 krisprolls HEXB

Dinner: (friends for dinner)
Starter: Chilli and Garlic Prawns, rocket
Main: Satay Chicken (3 syns peanut butter, 1.5 syns oil) mange tout, babycorn, egg fried rice (all homemade)
Dessert: 2 american style pancakes drizzled with maple syrup (no idea how many syns just flour and milk)

Drinks tea, green tea, sugar free ribena


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Day 3 (weds) Green

B/fast: 2 poached eggs, 3 quorn sausages, 1/2 tin tomatoes, 4 lg mushrooms, tea, green tea

Lunch: Homemade Carrot & Coriander Soup, 3 krisprolls HEXB, green tea

Dinner: Quorn Bolognaise, peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, spaghetti, 42g cheese HEXA)

HEXA milk
HEXB 2 alpen lite bars
Drinks: green tea, lt ribena
0 syns (hoping to make up for yesterday)


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Looks good!! Stay positive. If dont mind me asking how did you prepare your sweet chili prawns?

they weren't sweet chilli, just chilli and garlic, sweet chilli dipping sauce.... but i just put garlic and chilli in a pan with fry light and added the prawns as I don't like the thought of de-veining them!!


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Nice to see you've started a diary Peachy - looking good so far ;)

How many cups of green tea do you drink in a day? Do you drink water as well?
I try to drink at least 1 an hour if I'm home, I only have 1pt of ribena as my water as I don't really like cold drinks, I've never drunk alot though so I'm sure my body is used to it! lol


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OK so day 4 Green...

B/fast: 42g Crunchy Bran HEXB, milk HEXA, Melon, Pineapple, Tea, Green Tea

Lunch: Starbucks Lemon and poppyseed muffin OOPS!!!! (can't find my book for syns but my only syns today and had none yest and less tomorrow so should be ok) Tall skinny sugar free hazelnut cappuccino HEXA

Dinner: Quorn Bolognaise, SW Chips, Beans, Mushy Peas, Mushrooms, Rocket

Snacks: 2 Double choc Alpen lights HEXB, 2 Satsumas, Green Tea, Ribena

Zumba tonight :)


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Day 5 Red (i think)

B/fast: 2 Quorn Sausages, 3 bacon, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, toast (HEXB), tea, green tea

Lunch: 4 quorn sausages, green tea, satsuma

Dinner: Harvester at the O2 arena!!1/2 spitroast chicken, jacket potato (syns) tomato, salad bar, latte (HEXA) sugar free 7up

Snacks: 2 Alpen lights(HEXB), satsumas, milk (HEXA)
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Day 6 Green

B/fast: 3 Quorn sausages, 1/2 tin beans, 1/2 tin tomatoes, 4 mushrooms, scrambled egg, tea, green tea, ribena

Lunch: 42g cheese (HEXA) 3 krisprolls (HEXB), mugshot, green tea

Snacks: satsumas, 2 Alpen light bars(HEXB), banana,

Dinner: From Prezzo lighter choices menu
Fusilli Chicken with peppers and mushrooms, and salad
Chilli Prawns to start
Lighter choice wine (med glass) 6 syns

Also did 20min express Zumba dvd this morning
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How's your Zumba DVD hun? Any good?
Zumba DVD's are amazing! There's a 20min express one in there which killed me more than a 1hr class!!
There's also a 10 day drop a dress size plan in the book that comes with them (silly american diet tho) but I'm gonna try it with SW


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Day 7 EE

B/fast: scrambled egg, 2 quorn sausages, 1/2 tin tomatoes, 4 slices bacon, tea (HEXA), green tea

Lunch: Carrot and Coriander Soup, 3 krisprolls (HEXB), green tea, ribena

Dinner: Green Thai Chicken Curry, Rice, mushrooms, spinach, onions, rocket,

Snacks: ribena, satsuma, activia,

No syns today cos of last nights meal...


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Day 8 Red

B/fast: chocolate weetabix, hot milk (HEXA & B) tea

Lunch: omelette, cheese (HEXA) mushrooms, onions, chicken, green tea, ribena

Dinner: Chilli and Lime tuna steak, stir fried veg

Snacks: 2 Alpen light bars, Mikados (9 syns), green tea, ribena


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Day 9 Red, 3lb down :)

OK so weigh day today and I lost 3lb :)

B/fast: Choc weetabix (HEXB & 2 syns), Milk (HEXA), Tea, green tea

Lunch: Chicken, Cheese (HEXA), Rocket
Mikados (26 i counted! 13syns), green tea

Dinner: Thai Chicken Curry(lots of veg in it) (leftover) and stir fried veg in soy sauce, ribena,

Snacks: 2 alpen light bars (HEXB), satsumas, ribena, green tea


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Woo hoo! Well done! :D

These mikado's you speak of ... are they long and thin sweeties? Think I've seen them :confused:

Also interested in your Thai green curry ... sounds yummy. Never made a Thai curry - would you mind passing on the recipe?

Thanks :D


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Woo hoo! Well done! :D

These mikado's you speak of ... are they long and thin sweeties? Think I've seen them :confused:

Also interested in your Thai green curry ... sounds yummy. Never made a Thai curry - would you mind passing on the recipe?

Thanks :D
mikados are the long thin biscuity chocolate covered things, i will pm you the recipe, i think i may have posted it in recipes before but will take a while to find it

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