Pedometer Plus


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Hi - I posted this as a reply to another post after I searched but realise now that was in the weigh ins forums and that I would probably get more answers here. So apologies for repeating myself.

In the description for the Pedometer Plus it, it says:

The “Plus” is the unique Active Mode which tracks activity ProPoints values earned from activities such as running, cycling or aerobics.

Does that mean that say if you were doing aerobics for an hour, you would switch to activity mode and it would calculate the points for you, or does it just mean you put the points in manually and it tracks them for you?

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the first one you said. You would switch to activity mode every time you do activity and the pedometer would stop counting your steps and would instead count how many propoints you would earn in that period of time, even if you still haven't reached your daily healthy allowance.