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Phew - buffet non-disaster!

Last night was our fiends 40th. He's the landlord of a pub, so it was in his pub and had spen the day preparing buffet food. He 'doesn't eat veg', and likes all things unhealthy but is also a good cook, so I had already imagined what his buffet would be like (i.e. unhealthy but v. tempting).

I ate fruit and porridge made with water and added muller light for breakfast, vegetable and split pea soup for lunch, and then quorn and vegetable stew for dinner. Kicked myself that this was more like a green day when going to caveman buffet, but heyho.

When we got there, there was a huge, huge plate of vegetarian sushi made by the Japanese barmaid there. YAY!!! Checked with her how it was made, and she said there is a little sugar in the rice, but only a teaspoon for the whole lot that she made (of which I didn't eat a tenth, so that's negligible syns as far as I'm concerned). All my buffet worries were blown away. I mentally changed to green day, nibbled on sushi, and had a slice of brown bread as my 2nd HExB, and some lovely strong cheese for my 2 HExAs and some cherry tomatoes, AND I managed to stick to the 6 whiskies I'd allowed myself for the evening for 15 syns.

Tonight is another friends photography exhibition of rockabilly / Hemsby pictures, and I'm just hoping that goes as well.

Hooray for people who can make syn free sushi. I might get myself a kit to try and DIY - it'd be great for EE days when you could use tuna too.
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LOL - sushi is one of my faves, otherwise it would have been VERY hard. The ones with seeds all round instead of seaweed aren't so good syn wise, but lukily she'd stuck to the seaweed ones.
Jut looked on e-bay at sushi kits but it was too confusing. Will seek advise from people who make it first as I'm sure half the bits in the kits are unnecessary, and the other half can be bought cheaper not in kit form.


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Last night was our fiends 40th. He's the landlord of a pub, so it was in his pub and had spen the day preparing buffet food.

HA HA I dont normally socialize with my Fiends but heyho if thats what you like !!!
or was it a way of saying you dont really like him lol.

Glad you had a good night out and well done on planning ahead, I would have caved in, but your head is in the right place.
I have made Sushi, bought a packet of seaweed wraps, sticky rice and rice wine vinegar, made them with cucumber, spring onion,red pepper. It was really easy. Oh yeah bought one of the rolling mats. I got it in Tesco it was all really cheap. The Sushi looked really posh on the plate, I had made it for a girlie lunch, I now know I dont like seaweed wraps,yuk they were stinking. The stickyrice and veggies were lovely.
Lets us know how you get on, maybe post some pics.
lol - actually he can be a bit of a fiend at times, but it was a typo.

I'll keep an eye out for the mat things next time I go to a big Tesco. Cheers.

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