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Photo Thread - Before/After Pictures FAO CDieters!!!


now got pictures in album
I've been looking through all the pictures on the site and they are so inspirational for someone like me!!! I'd love to see all of your before and after pictures if you would be happy to put them on this thread!! even 'during' pictures and how much your start weight was, end weight and how long it took you to get there.

I want to lose 13 stone, I'm not really sure how long that is going to take me but it would be great to see/read other people's stories all on one thread?! :party0011::party0019:
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I can't figure out how to post side-by-side pics (any help gratefully appreciated), so I've attached them below instead.

The first was taken in June 2005 when I weighed around 19 stone, the second in June 2007 after losing almost 8 1/2 stone on CD (my CD 'stats' are in my signature below)

Good luck with your journey .. it really is life-changing :)



My pics are in my signature, lost 5st 4lbs, started at 14st 1lb, finished 8st 11lb.



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I'm also aiming to lose about 13 stones, 13st 5lb actually. I'm 5st 8lb in, and here are my before and now pics

all i can say looking at your pics guys is WOW!!!


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I've done a mixture of Lipotrim and Cambridge Diet (had to switch to CD as the flavors are so limited on LT).
Before pictures
After pictures (plus some in my signature)

I've acheived my target (ticker still shows 2lbs to go. I know its gone now, but am waiting until official weigh in). My BMI is still not in the healthy range, but my GP did a fat % test and said I am!! My aim is no longer weight, but size...I want a size 12!!
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now got pictures in album
WOW Sharon!!! Your pictures are amazing!!! you look so different in your after picture, a complete different person!!!

Georgie, you are so slim now, you look stunning, I bet you are a shopoholic I would be!!!

Andrea, you can realllllllllllllllllllllllllly tell from your before picture, you have lost SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO must weight around your waist and bust, you've done amazingly, together we will lose this 13 stone, this diet is amazing isnt it!!! xxxx

Shaz, WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw your stomach is super slim!! you've got a lovely figure now how did you stop from getting loose skin?

Come on everyone post your picture :D :D :D


now got pictures in album
wow Dancing those pictures are amazing!!! 6.5 stone lost is amazing weightloss!!


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Shaz, WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw your stomach is super slim!! you've got a lovely figure now how did you stop from getting loose skin?
I didn't do anything....think its just down to genes! I went huge when I had my daughter and didn't get a stretchmark....I know I'm very lucky.

I have to just say WOW Dancing. I've seen your face shot 'after' picture, but never your before and afters. You've done amazing hun. I second everything lillypop says, Sharon, Georgie, Andrea..you've all done amazing. It only seemed a short time ago that I was looking at pictures of others and imagining posting my after pictures...and now I am. Hope this thread inspires people, like all the success stories did me.
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thanks lillypop and shazpaz. I think the reason it doesn't seem such a dramatic difference to me is because I never saw myself as big as I was!!! It is only when I look at the before photo here that I'm gobsmacked :)
I think alot of us will identify with that B, I certainly know I do. Many people who knew me big say they don't remember me ever looking like my before pics, but clearly I did! It doesn't lessen your achievement though, truly awesome!



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Snap guys...I just showed this thread to my mum. When she saw me, she said....thats not you! (the one in the black dress). She said, I never thought of you as being fat, just a bit over weight, but she said YOU WAS!! Its not so bad hearing now I've lost the weight!!
I think you all look fabulous! Just the inspiration I need.Well done all.xxx
Iv now lost 6 stone on cd since august 07, took me a bit longer tha i wuld have liked due to some personal problems but still cant believe how far iv come.

Start of cd aug 07 front

side view

7th may just got ready to go out for meal for my sons bday who was 5 he took the photo lol came out quite well.

this is me a week ago when i went out for my bday 6 stone gone.

still have 1 stone to target, might even go bit lower going to see how i feel first.

yvette xx


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Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow.

You look FAB hun.x
looking fantastic!!!!!!!! i soooo cant wait until i get down to target!! my initial target is to get to 12 stone but i might go lower depending on how i feel and if i ever do get down to my target!! these pictures certainly help motivate me!!!!

well done everyone!!
thank you for ur lovely comments. My inital target was 12 stone as that is when i remember being most happiest, although even now im 12 stone i seem to be in smaller clothes and they fit so much nicer. very weird. But still have some to lose round my thighs/tummy/bum area but knowing my luck it wont come off there lol.

yvette xx

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