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PHOTOS UPLOADED! Bone density & Being size 12!!! Astonished!

Oh my bloooooming god

I am wearing a complete size 12 outfit!!! I bought a pair of size 12's from asda today cos they were having a clearance. Didn't expect them to fit. But they do!!!! And I have a size 12 Next top on as well..
Ok asda are always generous with sizes but at the same time there's no way I could ever have got this size on before, wherever it was from!

Something really interesting I found out today as well, I participated in an experiment measuring bone density today, and I found that my bone density is higher than what is normal for my age.

Also they measured my body fat percentage, and it's 37% which makes me "overfat" by just 4% which fits because I know I've still got some to lose, but not a vast amount..

So what I'm taking from this is that I may need to be flexible in my target weight. 3 stone may be too much, or it may be ok. But it really reinforces that I'll need to take it a stone at a time and not be guided so much by what my bmi says.

Oh and one more thing...

YIIIIPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!! :superwoman::bunnydance::wee:
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Yipee indeed, good news all around, and a very sensible approach to the weight loss. Every day's different, and I guess that's especially true as you near goal.

High bone density can only be good in the long term.
Fantastic well done, and good attitude to have xx


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:DHi PB, Well done to you.That must be a fantastic feeling! I can't wait until that happens to me.Won't be long now...............x


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Wahey PB - Glad you've had a seemingly fantastic day - and too right!

Well done m'love
photos, we want photos please!!
daisy x
Thats fab and I'm seconding the vote for pics :)



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wow - the bone density thing sounds interesting. I read somewhere that bone density for overweight/obese people is higher due to the extra weight it has to carry... our bonus I say - nice strong bones for when we get thin :)

well done!!!!
Haha! Ok ok I'll do some photos tomorrow.

Thanks guys! It's amazing, I've never been this small in my life before that I can remember. Gobsmacked. :D
Oh, and ironically I tried on my small size 14 (principles) jeans, and they still don't go on.. Lol. Just goes to show what a difference different manufacturers make.


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That's great Ellie!! And good about the being flexible too.

Here's a bit of a playing site. Body Frame Size

I was told when I was 15 that I had hands 'like Irishman's shovels' because I could marry (twist) together the ropes holding the sails on a tallship on my own. I also know I have large bones as I have never been able to wear bangles, my OH has extra links on the bracelets he has bought me and my Pandora's are 23cm. Actual wrist measurement is 18.75cm and my wedding ring is a T. :eek: (I was thinner when I married!!) I have lots of big 'B's!!
Actually LS I find she's getting marginally better. She even knows my name now! Haha. But that aside, I do find her getting a bit better although some things are still annoying.
Still using the cards, but I'm almost thinking she actually does care and have an interest, as the group gets to know each other. Amazing.


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Hi PB - I was wondering how bone density is measured? It would definitely be a bonus to have higher bone density due to carrying excess weight. I was really bad at taking milk and dairy during my teenage years and early 20s. I have always wondered if that would make me susceptible to osteoporosis as I get older.

Foxtrot - love the link. I seem to be just over the medium body frame measurements. I wonder if I will move into the medium build as I lose weight?


I Can Do This!
Oh PB - I forgot to say - Brilliant! I'm sure its an amazing feeling to be in size 12s and smaller than ever before. I am looking forward to my moment, but size 14s will do the same for me :D.
Thanks t_i, It really is amazing and I can feel a big difference!

My mum hadn't seen me since I started LL & I saw her on sunday. She was just stunned at the difference. She said on the phone afterwards, "You're even walking differently! You used to waddle and now you walk normally!" Haha gotta love my mum for her blunt honesty but at least you can take everything she says at face value!

Well they put my foot in a machine (alcohol solution put on first as a conductor I think) and these sort of cushions inflated at my heel, it felt warm for a bit. I guess it was some sort of current or something that the slower it was to pass through my heel the greater the bone density? Seemed quite a fancy machine though.

Still haven't got round to taking some photos. Just catching up with housework today, been so busy with essay it's got on top of me. Embarrassed to show that in a photo!
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And wheres the pictures :p

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