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Pickle's Post - Absolutely Flabuless!

S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
Well I used to be a member of this site a wee while ago however under a different user name, a bit of detective work and you would probably be able to work out who I was but I decided that I would have a fresh start and my previous user name was hampered with me giving in so I thought a new name would be good all round.

I am 22 years old, 6ft2 and currently weight 161kg which equates to approx 25st 4lb. Eek.

I haven't done slimming world for a while and I know a few things have changed. I also know that I need to stick to it this time. I can't afford to go to class and so know it will be a struggle but I will have to keep at it, my health can't afford not to.

About my health:
At the age of 17 I had two major events. Firstly I had to have an ovary and fallopian tube removed due to a large cyst which had ruptured. Several months later I fell pregnant however miscarried :( Since then I have been suffering with weight induced infertility. I do not have periods and there is a chance I may never have children. I am so far over the weight boundaries for fertility treatment that the consultants won't even meet with me.

In 2007 I had pancreatitis. Twice. It's a horrible illness in which I nearly died, I turned yellow and they thought my liver would fail. In order to minimise the risk of me getting pancreatitis a third time the doctors removed my gall bladder. Which now means if I eat anything overly sugary such as bread then I suffer from 'dumping'.

I also have ankylosing spondylitis which is a kind of arthritis and affects a lot of my body including my back, arms and neck. It means I am in a lot of pain but I know that the extra weight on my joints will not be helping and will be speeding up the effects in some ways.

I'm not the most active person but have just gotten a wii and so hoping that will encourage me to be a little bit more active. I have Wii sports resort, just dance, ea sports active and wii fit plus (I have found that even though I am over the maximum threshold for the wii fit I can still use it if I put a piece of foam under neath it and there lies one of my targets)

I have come up with a couple of targets for myself. Mini ones to start with..

1:- Do an hour on the wii a day, whether it be on Just Dance or on the Wii fit or anything, I am sure that just increasing my activity levels will be a good start.

2:- Lose enough weight to get down to 24st 3. This was my original weight the very first time I joined Slimming World and therefore seems like an apt target.

3:- Lose enough weight to be able to use the wii fit without the foam. This means losing an extra half a stone on top of target 2.

Sorry for the long intense reading, if you got to the end of it then congrats. lol.
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S: 86.7kg C: 77.9kg G: 64.5kg BMI: 27.7 Loss: 8.8kg(10.15%)
Welcome back and good luck with your weight loss! I think you're right to set yourself regular manageable targets!

I don't go to classes as they don't have them here, but I do the online thing, although that's only to nag me to weigh in weekly. I find the support I get here on Minimins invaluable. I post a regular diary here and although I don't tend to write an awful lot about SW and what I eat I find the discipline of logging on here and writing, helps keep me focussed and happy. I read so many positive stories, that I can't help but believe that it can work for me - which it is, slowly but surely!

Anyway, just wanted to say. Keep at it and keep using this forum for all the support you need! We're all in this together! :)


Slim for Summer!
S: 15st5lb G: 9st7lb
Hi, pickle. I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems.. I've never had cysts but I very rarely have periods & I've been told that I may not be able to conceive either. ): I hope you get everything sorted out x I don't go to classes either but there's so much info & support on here that I don't think it really matters that much! :)

I have been using my wii too.. I only have wii fit but I'm hoping to buy the sports resort, how are you finding it? :) Good luck with your new start!
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
I love the wii fit plus, mainly the step plus and rhythm boxing. Those are my favourites on it. I got sports resort with my wii and it is really good I like archery although it makes my arm ache and canoeing is funny lol. Do you have just dance? Its brilliant I've only had it 2 or 3 weeks and was rubbish at it but am quite good now it really gets you moving and the song choice isn't bad either.


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S: 11st3lb C: 9st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 23.7 Loss: 1st5lb(12.1%)
Just wanted to say good luck. You've been through an awful lot. Well done for coming here and starting again! X


Going for it.
S: 13st0lb G: 10st10lb
Hello Pickle

Good for you making a fresh start. Life is all about putting the past behind you and starting again. And believing in yourself! That's the most important thing. You can do this. Just do what you're doing - ie aiming for mini-goals along the way and taking one day at a time. Every day you eat healthily is respecting your body as it deserves to be respected. If you have one bad day food wise - well it's only one bad day. It's not a bad week, or a bad month. Unless you choose it to be.

Sending loads of positive vibes your way.
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
Thanks everyone.

Today has been a day for discoveries.
The first discovery is to never ever go to Tesco between 1pm and 2pm ever again, even if my life depends on it because it's horrible and I don't like queues of 30+ people per till especially when some of em are rude and push and shove. Also tesco have taken payment three times so I have to get that sorted now :(

I also found out there is a Slimming World class just round the corner from my College and it runs a class during the 3 hours lunch break I get on a Thursday, and it's a different consultant to the one I had before. I think one of the reasons I never stuck at my original class is because it was always dark and cold and on a night when i had to rush about as I had plans other than Slimming World and also because I didn't really gel with the consultant. So the news that this other class is local, fits in with my schedule and is with a new consultant gives me some hope and so I have decided to use some of the money I made from selling things on ebay to buy a 6 week countdown and give this new class a go. At least that way I have the new books as well.

Whilst in Tesco I found Whitworth Chilli Crackers and now really need to find the syn values of them so I can munch on them cos they are yummy lol. I'm having syn free pizza and chips for my tea and can't wait :)
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
Well I joined the new group today and I have to say I am so taken it is untrue. The consultant is amazing, really friendly and things are so different to my old group. I'm counting this as day one as my plan as its the first day of me being officially on plan.

The bad news is, I weigh more than I thought, the good news is I will be getting the weight off. :)

My starting weight is 25 stones 10 lb.

Today I have had some yummy food I am doing Original.

2 weetabix with sweetener and semi skimmed milk HEA HEB

Lettuce, grated carrot, pepper, onion, home made dressing, roasted chicken.

And I'm having jacket spud with cottage cheese and kfc chicken for tea. Followed by yummy fruit salad :)
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
Ok I just had a look and I'm not in a messy kind of mood for tonight as going out lol so saving KFC for a day I have more time. So can I make today EE?

Breakfast and Lunch as above.

Tea. Bacon wrapped chicken 2 tbsp barbecue sauce (1 syn) and 28g cheese HEA with jacket potato and cottage cheese.

Then fruit salad for pudding? x
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
Ok so I've now realised that it can't be an ee day as I had two HEA's so its an Original day.

2 weetabix w. sweetener and ss milk HEB HEA

Roast chicken, Lettuce, pepper, onion, carrot, home made dressing

Jacket potato (HEB)
cottage cheese
chicken wrapped in bacon w. bbq sauce (2 syns) and grated cheese (HEA)

pineapple, melon, blueberries, grapes, kiwi, orange.
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
Well today could have been a bit better, stupid college canteen messed me about over a jacket spud but I still did ok on my eating and stuff. A little bit stressed out though tonight so going to put my clothes away put a fresh sheet on the bed and get in and watch some films. Watching control at the minute.

Anyway todays foodies:

B: Tutti Fruity Fruit Salad (pineapple, mango, melon, grapes, kiwi, orange, blueberries.)

L: Cottage cheese, Roast chicken <------which was meant to be with jacket spud, boo hiss to PLCL canteen staff.
Tutti Fruity Fruit Salad (as above)

D: KFC chicken and Jacket spud with cottage cheese and chargrilled cherry tomatoes. (2 HEB) grated cheese (HEA)

Snacks: Portion of Lucky Charms cereal 5 1/2 syns.
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
Last night I kind of struggled. I would have been ok had my delightful spud not brought the box of Lucky Charms cereal up and whilst watching a film I found myself absent mindedly sneaking a handful or two. I just need to retrain my brain I guess. Still I didn't do too bad as I weighed the packet this morning and reckon I had another 28g portion which is 5 1/2 syns. I also wondered if they would be countable as a HEB as they are wholegrain and give you 5% of your daily fibre requirement. They are also full of vitamins etc especially vit D which is good for me as I am vit D deficient.

Breakfast I had huge cravings for tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes we had in were so sweet I just sat and munched them all. Then I had a go on my new EA Active for the wii. It's good but the thigh strap is a bit tight for me so I used some elastic instead for the time being.

Lunch was grilled bacon, cheese omelette (HEA) and mushrooms.

Tea was a kind of medley of things. It was meant to be a chicken curry but my mam phoned half way through me cooking and asked me to go help her syns the microphones to the xbox so she could play Lips so I stayed for a bit and had a few goes but when I got back had what I had made, it was chicken with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers with spices and whilst similar to a curry it wasnt a curry itms. I had it with a HEB of wedges with chip spice, nom.

I've eaten a few more tomatoes tonight as well as some weight watchers yoghurts and a banana.

I've got some magazines and recipe books I am going to look through to try and get some ideas. I'd like to try a red day without the chicken lol

Tomorrow is day 2 of the EA Active 30 day challenge and is a roast for dinner .eek.
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
I have never been so happy in my life. For the first time in a very very long time I am having a period! Just shows what this lifestyle change can do for you, apart from being in pain, I'm ecstatic!
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
pickle87 minus the p lol, imaginative I know. lol.

Just really thought I needed to do it all and start a fresh as I am in a better place mentally now than I was and have a new consultant etc x
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
Not feeling so woohoo for periods anymore. Everyone keeps saying Oh I gained a lb this week but its * week and I don't want a gain I want a loss on my first weigh in. I don't feel fatter I have done a lot of cardio exercise to burn calories and have been 100% on plan and feel better in myself but am now worried bloody sick that I am going to get a bad WI result. Well I find out in 36 hours. I can't fret too much I have done my best I just need to stick to it. Maybe I weighed the extra few pounds last week because of bloating and water retention and this week I will be fine? Who knows lol


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
Oh hun, don't fret. I usually gain a lot when AF is due then it drops off when she puts in an appearance. This month though, I was really good and managed to STS throughout. don't worry too much about this week, tell yourself its next week that really matters!
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
Well weigh in went well I lost 6lb yippeeeee :)

I haven't updated my food plan on here this past few days but I shall put todays on.

Banana and an Alpen Light (1/2 a HEB)

Turkey Sandwich (HEB + 1/2 syn)
Alpen light (1/2 HEB from breakfast)
White Choc and Cranberry muffin (3 1/2 syns)

Garlic One Pot Chicken
swede and carrot mash (+1/2 syn)

White chocolate mousse (4 1/2 syns)


So a total of 9 syns used today, and I had 6 syns yesterday leaving me with 90 syns to last till Thursday :)

I have had a good week and am really proud of myself as have been active and doing lots of exercise.

Hopefully the good times will continue :)

I'm looking forward to tommorow, I'm having szechuan beef for tea and ice cream for afters :) x
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
FAB loss...well done you :D

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