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Pics-me in my undies!

I've just stumbled accross some photos I completely forgot I had which I took when I was doing LL 2 years ago. I decided to record my progress with photos of me in my underwear. I only started 14 weeks into the process and wish I'd begun at the start so I could record just how big I was. I stopped taking them about 2 stone before I reached my goal of 11stone (the underwear got a bit sexier too!)

So I've posted them in my gallery to show just what can be achieved in 14 weeks on LL. This is me...wrinkly skin and all, going from 17st to 13st. Promise not to laugh at the Bridget Jones undies!!

For those starting out. No, I didn't eat a thing while on abstinence and yes, you can do this too! xx
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Rachel thats amazing! How weird is it that LL can do that for you in such a short space of time, scary stuff!

Emma x
I know. It's amazing for 14 weeks. I took one photo a week before my weight in but didn't really see the results until I compared week one with week 14! Hope you're getting on ok and haven't worn yourself out running to the loo! xx
S: 22st0lb C: 17st5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 45.9 Loss: 4st9lb(21.1%)
Lol Rachel I've spent more time in the loo today than anywhere else! I forgot how thirsty I get on LL!!


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Oh my goodness the change is outstanding! Well done for being brave enough to have those pics taken and thank you so much for sharing them.

I bet loads of people were telling you that you'd lost enough after 14 weeks? I have to make myself look at myself in underwear in the mirror sometimes to convince myself to keep going to goal - it would be easy to say I'm done with LL at the end of this month and move onto RTM but I figure I've paid my money out now - may as well do it properly!

Congratulations again :D


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I have been inspired by your pictures rachel!! I have this morning taken my own undies shots (well my poor sister did).

I have them on my iPhone (under password lol) so they I can look at them any time I need them!!


wow rachel amazing!
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Wow Rachel! The results are amazing:D
I can't wait to get my week 14 fotos .... but can't imagine ever being brave enough to have my foto done in my undies:eek: ... good for you


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WOW. The transformation is just incredible Rachel. Like a completely different girl.
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Thats amazing. I'm always inspired by the before/after photos people post on here. Good on you! :)
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Rachel those pics are amazing, thank you for sharing. I absolutely hate my boyfriend seeing me in my underwear (or without it! ;) ) nowadays and my dressing up in sexy undies for him is a thing long in the past.:(

I literally jump into bed like I am on fire from the moment the dressing gown comes off and before it even drops to the floor I am hidden under the covers! Lights off of course!

Seriously, your pictures give people like me who have just started diets/eating plans the inspiration that we can do it and will do it.

Thank you so much. x
pleased to be of some inspiration! I remember coming on here when I started and seeing these amazing tranformations and never thought it could be me. All the best with your LL journey. You'll have pics of yourself in undies up here in no time! xx
LOL St. Angelo
Lots of us can relate to the dash under the bed clothes !!!

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