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Step away from the chips!
I'm thinking i would like to take some exercise other than walking and think Pilates might be a good choice? Experiences anyone?
Was also wondering if anyone could recommend a good beginners DVD that i could try until such times as i track down a suitable class in my area.

Thanks in advance girls :)
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I think Pilates is an excellent choice. It doesn't burn too many calories, so should not mess with your diet level or get you feeling washed out.

At the same time it will focus in on your core area (tummies, for anyone not already in the know) & when practised regularly should get you looking leaner and more flexible, with a much flatter stomach and stonger back. Its wonderful for improving your posture and can be very relaxing.

For DVDs I would recommend anything by Lynne Robinson, especially her 2 original Body Control DVDs She does quite a good introduction to the principles of Pilates.

But I would also thoroughly recommend that you get to a few classes asap. There is quite a specific technique to doing Pilates properly and it is really helpful to have a trained instructor watch you and make sure you are doing it properly. Once you're confident that you've mastered the basics then any book or DVD should be OK.


Step away from the chips!
Many many thanks!


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Hi Karen,
I got a Pilates DVD (think it might be one of the Lynne Robinson ones) I found some of the moves/positions nearly impossible to do:( Probably had someat to do with the weight i was carrying to:sigh:!! But if you find a class i'm sure that would teach you the basics and then you could move onto DVD - only a thought!!:p


Step away from the chips!
Bit miffed :mad: Can only find one evening class in this area and its almost 20 miles away. Its block bookings only, but due to working nights every other week I'd only be able to make half of the classes i'd be paying for :cry:

There is a lady locally who does one-on-one sessions so will have to investigate that, thinking that might be a bit costly though?


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Would she perhaps be prepared to do one to two or three and have you got a buddy or two you could drag along with you? That could bring the cost down.

Seriously though I would recommend the expense for 2 or 3 sessions with a qualified instructor. It can double the benefit of the exercises.

With regards to the DVD where some of the positions are impossible I'd say that this is the place to start. The first time you do it some positions are impossible so you miss them out or only do one or two repetitions. Then as you progress, you try again and they get easier and that's how you see progress.

If you buy a DVD and you can do all of it on Day 1 then it is probably at too low a level for you and you are going to get bored and not see so much benefit. I believe in a bit of a challenge.


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I would love to know how your sessions go as I have recently bought loads of pilates/yogalates (yes its yoga and pilates combined!) and yoga dvds. Havent actually used them yet 'cos I have the sniffles but I was thinking about going to a teacher too - no excuses then!

Hope all goes well:D

Yay :)
I've just been inspired to take up yoga, the gym I'm a member of runs a beginners class on a Monday :)
So I'll be starting that next week hopefully. :D

Jenni x
how about ellen crofts surpreme pilates, admittingly its about 75.oo pounds on ebay, but it contains pilates mat, frames to help u into ur positions and 6 dvds with 3 levels to follow for beginners to the more experienced x

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