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please somebody in the 8's want to get in the 7's?? xx

feeling so big today, i dont know whats wrong with me i just feel like my bellys sticking out really weirdly :( anybody want to get to the 7's? could do with some support im about 8.7 at the moment (havent been weighed for a few weeks) but ant to get to 7.6 really frustrated right now. any help would be great, sorry for being depressing :wave_cry: xxxxx
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How tall are you Juicy? Is it healthy for you to be in the 7s?

Wouldnt want to encourage anyone to strive for an unhealthy weight - I dont have my books on me with the details, but I know there are minimum weights that Slimming World allow you to set target at - they wont let you (or support you) going lower then the minimum.

At any rate, I wont be joining you - I'm in the lower end of 9s at the moment, may well consider striving for the 8s at some point, but I'm going to enjoy being at target for now!
hiya im only 5ft 1 so isnt unhealthy for me to be that weight, well done for getting to target! dammit nobody wants to join me :( xxxxx
I doubt its that people dont want to join you, its probably more that there arent that many people in your position! Im 6ft, so going below even the 11s is out of the question for me - but good luck and I hope you find some friends to keep you going who are in the same boat!


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I was just browsing forums and i checked your weight on SW chart and u will be underweight at 7.6. At your current weight you are right in the centre of acceptable.Hope you are not getting obsessed, don't want to get anorexic. I am going on to slimming world in a few weeks time and I would be ecstatic to get to 10 stone. Be thankful you have done so well and try to maintain where you are


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Im 5'1" tall as well & my target weight is 8 stone 7 lbs, I think if I went down into the 7's I wouldn't look too healthy, but there again everyone's body shape is different. What would your BMI be at that weight?
hiya um kim 63 my bmi would be around 20, which isnt underweight according to the bmi calculator online, and im currrently 8.7 but dont feel right like this.

and nenya im not obsessed, and i find it quite upsetting that u think that just because i have a goal that i might be unhealthy. thanks for your advice girls xxx
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Hi Juicy. I think you have to do what is right for you & if you feel thats a healthy weight to be, go for it.
thanks, i have a daughter so would never be unhealthy and be a bad role model :) xxx


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I'm only 5' tall and my target weight is 7 stone 11 lb. I'm actually at 7 stone 8lb at the moment and trying to put on a couple of pounds as feel a bit too thin. The minimum weight SW will let you set target at is 7 stone 8lb at 5'1".

thanks joedenise, i dont go to group anymore, just do it online so i dont have to worry about them setting my target :) i bet u look great btw xxx


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If I were in a healthy weight range but still unhappy with my body I would try increasing the toning and strength training. That can take inches off and give your confidence a boost at the same time.

Good luck with whatever you do.
thankyou! yeah i do crunches and sit ups and lift weights(not hardcore ones mind!) lol and i do the pump it up dvd tho havent done that for a bit cos was poorly :( but gettin there slowly :) xxxx
Hey :)

I've just weighed in at 8.12 so still quite a way from the 7's! Butt I've set my target at 8 stone after changing it a million times lol got a feeling when I get there I'll wona get in the 7's even if it's 7.13 lol! so i may be joining you :) x
hiya! ooh 8 .12 well done! at 5ft 2 thats good :)

getting weighed today for the first time in 2 weeks! hoping to have lost enough weight to be happy with, it needs to be below 8.7 otherwise i would have stayed the same for 2 weeks when ive been trying so bloody hard!

and im finding im really nervous, i dont know why i always get nervous.. anyway wish me luck hunni and hope u get to your goal very soon! :D xxx
If you've worked for it I'm sure your guna get a great loss! :) let me know how you do!

Today was my first wi for 4 weeks, ooops lol I'm thinking of just doing it from home from now on, works out much cheaper, more money for all these new clothes I keep buying aha.

Good luck with your wi! :) x
haha sounds like a good plan! ;) well i stayed the same! haha so gay, other half thinks its due to muscle weighin more than fat but hey, hes bein a sweetie bless him. thanks for the good luck! xxxx
thanku hunni! thats sweet, i dont mind too much, oh says i should just stop focusing on the number and remember why i joined sw in the first place - to look and feel good.
so think im just goin2 keep doin wat im doing and not get weighed again for a while! my clothes are looser so somethings happened! haha whens ur weigh in lovey? xxxx
That's fair enough! :) I'm getting quite obsessed with the number on the scales! lol my wi is usually thurs morning but can't always get there cos I have no one to watch my daughter so I'm weighing in at home more than group atm x

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