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Please will someone check this for me?


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I've been doing atkins for 4 days now and I haven't lost even half a pound. Can someone check what I've been eating please?
Scrambled eggs with butter and 2 bacon
seafood sticks
Dish of tuna and full fat mayo
100% beef burgers
Chicken fried in butter
Sugar free jelly - 2 tablespoons of double cream
Berbard matthew 100% turkey slices

This what ive been eating over the last few days.

????:confused::confused::confused::confused: Thanks
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Hi have you added up the carbs on everything. i.e crabsticks/ham/burgers .
Cheese you should only be having 40g per day and also limit your cream intake. arent you having any leafy greens or veg?


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Yeah I'm having the veg but I was wondering about the other stuff I was eating. It's all confusing me so much.
So what can I eat FREELY without counting carbs? Just so I know where I'm going wrong


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If you just stick to meat, eggs and veg for a few days you will see a loss. Try not to eat any processed foods or sweeteners including the sugar free jelly.


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Thanku :)

You are going to hate this. Each seafood stick has 15.4 GM Carbs.

I have no idea how or why but they must be soaked in Sugar.
Isn't it just Vicki.

an generally they don't come wrapped so you don't know.
Oh, and I wouldn't trust anything from Bernard Mathews either personally.


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Lol Poor bernie ;)
I must admit i love my crabsticks but shall be staying away now and having mussels or prawns instead :D


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Mussels are quite high as well. 140g of mussels are 8.4g net carbs.
I know, and you won't believe how many mussels I ate on holiday marysu. :D
i'm with Jim on the bernard mathews stuff , its fake food , stuffed with sugar and additives then reshaped , not nice , the meat % is really low , even my cat won't eat it which tells you something !

the best cooked meats are from the deli counter where they pack it for you ,less additives /salt etc


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ooooh blimey. explains a lot. thank you very much!!
I look at the things I used to eat on a daily basis and look at the carb content, it's shocking! No wonder I grew to be a fatty fatty boom boom :p xx
Day 2 for me, i had:

B: 2 sausages and 2 egg omelette with little bit of chopped pepper and cheese slice
L: I missed as was out all day (not planned)
D: Pork belly with salad which was lettuce, half a tomato, cucumber and sliced pepper, oh and a far too big amount of full fat mayo!

Had 2 cups of black coffee and lots water throughout the day

Does that sound OK?

Thanks, Claire x
Looks fine to me Claire, I'd like to see more greens in there though.
hi can anyone tell me if your allowed eggs everyday, and how many!

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