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  1. sianock

    sianock Gonna be who I wanna be!

    I decided to go swimming this morning. So I put baby into the crech, and off I went. Our local pool is an olympic sized pool, and I remember going swimming there along time ago, and after about 6 lengths having to stop for 5 mins to get my energy back!!! Any way, I done 22 lengths and without stopping!!! The last 2 were hard but I only aimed for 20 lengths anyway.

    When I came out the pool my legs and arms did feel a little bit wobbly, but my cheeks wern't bright red like I thought they'd be.

    I started my period yesterday too, so I have really got my work cut out if I want another good loss this week.

    Perhaps I'll go swimming tomorrow too???........................:)
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  3. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    Well done, my sister in law and I started doing aqua tone about 3 weeks ago its great fun and doses make you feel better.
  4. Kippaxmum

    Kippaxmum Back on the wagon

    Well done! Thats amazing. You probably swam somewhere in the region of almost a mile!

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