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Plot found!



Going From Flab to FAB!
risotto is lovely .. rice with stock and veggies and meat or just veg all light velvety and fluffy
Ok so a prawn risotto maybe would be ok if I gave it about 9 or 10 points. mmmhhhh.....have to look for a starter now....

thanks girls!
great things are looking up already! Thanks starlight!
Ill report tomorrow on what I end up having.
Isn't 'proper' risotto cooked with cream though? Might be a bit hefty on the points - but don't hold me to that, I don't actually know for sure, lol.
Morning all!

The plot has definately been found! Phew! I feel Im back on track now. Went for a walk last night....huge turn of events for me because Im such a lasy a*s! My menu is all planned for today with a good few spare incase I nibble.

Starlight will probably kill me for saying this but I got on the scales again this morning :eek: but no movement as of yet! Its so disheartening but I will continue :sigh:! My loss at the moment in total is 5.5lbs I was hoping for my stone by the end of march. So I would need another 8.5lbs in 5 weigh ins (almost 6 weigh ins 6th one of 1st April). Now I think thats probably doable?? Im going to Madrid next weekend but there is no reason why I cant still be counting my points when Im there is there?? I feel at the moment that theres huge pressure on me to loose the weight...mostly from myself but some from others because I want to be nice and slim for my wedding dress. Now I have ages...I dont need to go looking until December/January for a dress but still.....the task seems very daunting :cry:
Ill not kill you but I will :whoopass: lol

Can I tell you, I got on the scales on Sunday, the day before my wi and the scales said Id gained 5lbs!! By the morning at my official wi Id actually lost 1lb, now theres no way I lost 6lbs by sleeping lol So it really shows how much it fluctuates depending on when you weigh yourself and how often. If you MUST :p have an extra wi do it for a check only dont set anything by it, dont allow it to get you discouraged. The only one you can really go by is your official one *HUGS*


I think that if you're going on holiday, swapping to the core plan for a little while may be benificial. That means you don't have to point everything and you can work out what you can eat for free!! I think it is probably a lot easier if you are on holiday!! You can always switch back if you don't think it is working or when you back!

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