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Podgeys Shrinking Diary...


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Hi everyone.. I have been reading the threads for days now (and have been amazed at the fab support) and have decided it would really help me to get my thoughts down as I go along on this...:rolleyes:

I have been over weight for as long as I can remember.. Was a size 18 when I left school, 2 kids (and 2 husbands) and after trying and failing at almost every diet on the market I ended up weighing 457lbs...That works out at 32st 9lbs ( that took alot.. I have never admitted what I actually weighed before out loud.. I know you can't hear me but you know what I mean).. I was considering going for surgery, even seen a doc who would do it for me but I just was so scared.. I met up with a friend who I hadn't seen for ages and she had lost 9st and I couldn't believe her... It was LT.. I was impressed and thought this might save me....

I started LT on the 9th of Jan and up to last week I had lost 56lbs (4st!!!):D .. Found it to be the hardest and the easiest thing I have ever done if you know what I mean, hard with no food but easy for the same reason kind of free from worrying about it...I heard about CD it sounded so much better and more supportive.. I started it last Monday and have found it really easy compared to LT.. My councillor comes to my house as well and she is absolutly lovely.. I feel for the first time in years I have a way out of my fat prison and am looking forward to doing 'normal' everyday things..

So this is day 5 of CD for me.. I am loveing the flavours and the fact because I am tall I can have 4 packs a day as well.. (I am 5'11).. I am hoping I can keep focused and stick with this....no thats wrong I am going to stick with this.. I have been hoping I would lose weight for years but no I am doing it!!!!!:D
I am going to go and strain my eyes abit more now and read some more threads....:eek:
hears to a good day tommorrow for everyone

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Busy busy busy!!
Hello Podgey - and lovely to read the start of your diary.

CD really is wonderful and you'll get lots of support on here. Look forward to seeing you record your losses each week and get to where you want to ne.

Good luck - keep posting, it really helps and reading as well.

Just wanted to say Hi and well done on losing so much weight so far this year. This is going to be YOUR year... I hope you enjoy the journey. I love this diet. If someone told me 5 weeks ago I'd say that, I wouldn't have believed them. Like you I was extremely daunted at the thought of losing so much weight. I really feel now that I WILL do this though. The support your receive on Minimins as invaluable so keep posting. You can and WILL do this..I know it!

Good Luck :D



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Hi Podgey,

Congratulations on your weight loss 4 stone is fantastic!!!:wow:

Well done, that is so motivating.

Delighted you have found a diet that is working for you and this is the key.

Looking forward to reading your diary and I would like to wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey.

Love Mini xxx


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Well done for posting :) You can do it !!4 stone is excellent in such a short space of time :)


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Hi Podgey, its nice to meet you!! The support on here is fab and will help in tough times so keep up the excellent work you have done so far and just remember how many new friends you already have made from just this 1 post!! Sarahxx.


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Hello Podgey.......lovely to meet you :D

and WELL DONE on 4stone off - AMAZING !!!

look forward to getting to know you....and sharing in your successes....




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Good evening....
Thank you everyone for all you kind words. it is really nice to know I am not alone on this.. Not of my friends know I am doing it because I have had all sorts of comments and even levtures from people who say it is bad for me and I will put it all back on again and I will be left with loads of lose skin ect.. ect... You know form all the ones who have no weight to lose and have no clue what life at my size is really like.....

Today has been a good one so far.. I have had a real test this afternoon and have another tonight..
I have just come back from a virgin v makeup party at a friends house.. The wine was flowing and nibbles everywhere but I did't have a one.. It was really odd because the food just didn't interest me at all..
Any way tonight I am going out with my hubby his boss and wife.. Only to thier local pub but it's the first time I have been anywhere like this since starting SS.. Before when I went out I would have about 5 double vodka red bulls and the same of bailys maybe a few pints in between if I was thirsty.. ( I sound like I had a problem don't I) think because of my size I could just drink loads and not get too drunk.. Any way I have said I will be the driver tonight and am looking forward to not being hungover in the morning....

Just having my soup and am going to take a chocy velvet think with me (they are yum.. remind me of heinz choc baby pud from years ago).. As much soda water as I can drink and I will be fine...and the cheapest date in town..:D
Have a great eve everyone


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Ohh you are so right about the chocolate velvet tasting like heinz baby food!!

Good Luck tonight-I'm sure you'll do fine :)


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you are doing so well! congratulations on 4 stone gone forever.



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well done podgey, you have made a fantastic start, I know what you mean about it taking a lot to admit your weight at the start, none of my friends thought I was 25 1/2 stone until I told them. You have made the right decision to do something about it. There is plenty of suppport here and any questions seem to get plenty of answers.. you are not alone. well done!
The Big Diet


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Hiya Podgy,
just noticed your diary, and had to pop in, having read the story of your 'dissapearing slip on the pelican crossing' that was sooooo funny :D

4 stones already - wow that is fantastic, big losses certainly spur you on when you have lots of weight to loose - well done YOU:p

Hope you got through your evening out ok

Keep shaking girlie


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Hi Podgey, really nice to meet you. Well done on your acheivements so far - 4st is fab:D

How did your evening go last night? Can't wait for your next installment!



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Hi Podgey-hope last night went well for you.I had to cook last night but luckily made enough for 2 days so no cooking today for me :D Thank God.


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Thanks everyone for your fab replys...
Last night was ok.. I had planned to have soda water with lots of ice and a straw.. (Just like it that way).. But the pub had no ice and the water was bottled and warm.. However I did not let this get me down and I managed very well quietly sipping away in the corner..
Do have to say though.. What a shocking sight some people look afert a night on the ale.. I was gob-smacked at the state some of the girls got into (thing is you don't notice it when you are as drunk as them do you). So I felt quite ashamed for all the times I have gone out, got legless and made a complete prat of myself...:giggle:
Any way I still got up and had a sing (well an atempt anyway) so did enjoy myself....no hangover this morning was great......

I have had a good day and am really looking forward to weigh in day 2moz.. as this is my first week on CD I am a bit nervous to seee if the results are as good as they were on LT... I have actually enjoys the packs on CD so if I do lose a bit less I don't think I will mind too much ( LT was dreadful)....

Am going to go and get the kids school stuff sorted for the morn so have a great evening everyone.....

Kindest regardsxxxxxxxx:wavey:


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Hi, just wanted to congratulate you on your weight loss so far. I'll be checking back in on your diary to see how you progress on your journey, you can do it...you know you can! Love Angela x


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My CDC has just gone and because there is no one heere to hear me and see me jumping up and down for joy... I am chuffed to report on my first week of CD I have lost 13lbs....That makes 69lbs altogether 4st 13lbs i think... :bliss:

My counsiler is quite new and I am her heaviest client so far.. Think she was more excited than I was when I got on the scales.. I know it won't keep coming off so fast and it is due to me being larger than the average bear but that is why I like this so much It is not going to take me 5 years to get to a healthy weight...
I was really worried about the swop from LT but this has boosted my confidence with it. I have found CD loads easier than LT so its CD for me from now on.. I have got the MIx a mousse stuf to try this week and a few different flavours of soup so feel I will be fine... :D
Just had to tell someone so off now and will pop back later........


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Ooh Podgey,
I shall jump up and down with ya!!

13lbs and not even a 'first' week, that is brilliant girlie...

well done to you :D