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I do :D
I cant be doing with rabbit poo though :(
There is nowt quite so satisfying, as a good poo
LOL, yeah I love doing a good poo, makes me feel lots lighter and gives a truer WI :p


I will do this!!!
I usually get the rabbit poo. Isnt as satisfying i can tell ya. I suppose its better than not going at all.
me too! lol
Lol I wish !! Rabbit poos only if I'm lucky !! ( sorry if tmi ! ) I would have thought with all the water I'm drinking I would be ok but it seems not !! :-(


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Had to chuckle at this thread - but

Confession time - YESSSS absolutely love it, sitting there smiling knowing that there's another bit of weight down the pan!


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how do you get so many poos!!! flipping egg!!! I do a little one in every 2-3 days :eek:
tell me your secret princess!


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I find this most amusing....as a nurse I am used to talking about bowel and bladder habits with strangers at work, and have even participated in funny poo stories with friends over the dinner table :eek: !

....but it's not the sort of conversation I would strike up with someone in the pub ... or even at a slimming club :D

Long live Minimins for allowing all sorts of open conversations :p



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well, before this diet I used to poo every morning, with no problem, nice and smooth :eek:


Wannabe Mankini Model
I'm all over the show, soft ones, hard ones, long ones, short ones and occasionally very runny ones :sick0019:
and I am always tempted to jump on the scales afterwards too! :D
I do sometimes :p
But oddly enough, not really since I started Exante :)
chuckle, chuckle - what are you lot like?? But, confession time - me too! Feel great after managing to leave a deposit and flushing away those pounds! Keep up the good work (and the inspirational chat) everyone xx