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Poppet's Next Attempt!

Day two just about done- I feel like I've eaten my tea a bit early though!
B: Banana porridge
L: Leftover ragu and pasta- lots of speed in the sauce, same as yesterday
T: Veggie burgers with homemade sw chips, salad and a spoonful of baked beans. Had some ketchup and dressing (3)
Feeling very virtuous, syns are on nuts (6). Also had a WW yoghurt which I think is free.
Only managed two pints of water so far so going to have another now then distract myself with a bath!
Feeling a bit on edge about tomorrow as I haven't got lunch planned which I know is my downfall. I might boil up some rice so I can make a quick stirfry with it..
This all sounds very lovely indeed! You're doing fab and will be fine with lunch today I'm sure!!

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You can do it T_T! Once you're back into habits it gets easier.
Thanks Ruth, I got distracted with Silent Witness last night and forgot all about my rice. I think I might make some soup instead- it's so easy to get plenty of speed food in with soup. I saved a nice recipe for minestrone on the Pinch of Nom site so if I get time I'll give that a go!
Need to pop into town & supermarket today so think I'll head out straight after breakfast so my lunch doesn't get sidetracked. It feels like I'm thinking/planning my meals a lot more than usual but if it helps me stick with it, that can only be a good thing!
It was very gripping! Next weeks looks good too. I'm a big fan of the show, and I like a re-run of Wire in the Blood every so often too :)
Might not be a real excuse but it's as true as any- SW is brilliant but it does take thought and effort!
Been to town and Lidl, got some bits in and feel a bit better prepared. I had a lunch a while ago which was sauteed mixed peppers, onions and mushrooms and I added a mugshot to it- was easy and got my speed quota in, so I've picked a couple up.
I haven't had my hexb yet so pondering lunch :)
Today's food!
B: Apple and banana
L: Beans and poached eggs on toast (1- spread). Just what I fancied!
T: Cottage pie! Packed with onions, carrots, mushrooms and peas, (1) for gravy granules.
Syns: 4 for french fries, 6 for a mini magnum
Total: 12
I have a portion of cottage pie left for tomorrows lunch too :p managed to dissuade OH from opening the pannetone left from christmas- it has chocolate chips and chocolate cream in it and I can't walk past without eating some when it's open..
Woken up this morning and I think I'm catching OH's cold :( my head feels really heavy and my ears are sore, struggling to swallow a bit too.
Have to go into Uni today to record attendance but I think I'll have a chat with my friend and head home to work- can get the fire going and wrap up better.
Not sure what the plan for tea is- need to have a look at the meals I suggested earlier in the week when I was planning..
Ears are always a nightmare for me too T_T. I had a lot of ear infections as a child and seem to suffer with them. I have a rather fetching headband that I wear in this cold weather to keep the cold out!Hope you managed to get some work done at Uni, and it was warm!
Wasn't feeling very inspired to write today so I set about my reference list instead- boring, time consuming but ultimately needs doing, so it's better than nothing!
I had a real slump at 3pm and was desperate for a bar of chocolate, but managed to resist so I can have it tonight instead!
B: Spaghetti hoops & egg on toast (1- spread)
L: Leftover cottage pie (1- gravy granules), apple & banana
T: Veggie burgers & sw chips again- I should have had sausages but wasn't thinking. Had a lovely big salad on the side and topped the burgers with sauteed onions. 3 syns for condiments.
That leaves me 10 whole syns to play with for the evening. I will probably use them all :p my no sugar didn't last long haha. I suppose it's what makes SW a sustainable way of eating, and I have been good with speed food & water so far..
I'm trying to be really strict and put everything into RefWorks as I go along, so I don't have a mad rush at the end of mine. I think today was actually pretty productive. I am feeling confident with what I'm doing and managed to find a paper that's due to be published in the next month, which basically says that my area of research is very valid and needs to be done - which was a nice feeling.
Ah that is the best feeling- I love it when that happens! Sounds like you had a really good day!
I'm terribly slack with referencing. I went to an EndNote training course at the start of my PhD with the best intentions of keeping track of everything, but it was a bit of a non-starter because my references are generally pretty obscure. I'm paying the price now though! And I seem to have forgotten the format- I did quite a few yesterdayand just realised I've been italicising the wrong bit :oops: oh well.
Started today with yummy beans on toast- going to work so need to be full for long. I'm going to take some fruit with me, and though I haven't got a plan for lunch, I'll do my best. Have a good day! X
You too! It's great when it happens - especially as I was slowly being drawn into writing far too much about semantics to try and justify my opinions! I've never used EndNote, but Ref Works does it all for me - especially if I'm using articles via the library search, can just direct import. I'm slack with remembering to put in articles that I've found elsewhere though, or websites etc.
It's a bit of a minefield, but I feel like I've done the bulk of the 'referencey' sections now so it'd be pointless to start up with endnote again. I've only really got my discussion to write, and the rest to bulk up a bit. Sounds so manageable when I write it like that!
It's hard trying to get the right balance between 'these are my opinions' and 'others have said it before too'.. something I think I got pulled up on a bit at undergrad if I remember rightly.
Food today!
B: Beans on toast (again! was working and needed something filling).
L: I had some instant noodles which were nice (and free) but felt a bit guilty about lack of speed. Had an apple & FF yoghurt too.
T: OH was desperate for a takeaway so we opted for curry. Mine was veggie and I had it with salad so no speed issues, and I think it was about 9 syns going on my old book. Had it with boiled rice, was yum!
Might have a little chocolate bar later taking me to 14, ish.
Tomorrow is going to be a tricky day for me- I'm working all day which I always struggle with on SW, so I'll try and have a filling breakfast and take some fruit with me. Then we've got friends coming for tea. I'm going to do a big pot of chilli & boiled rice, then do nachos and garlic bread for the others. Must resist!
Today has gone a bit pear shaped! OH was too poorly to host people tonight so we decided to postpone.
Food, green day today:
B: Banana, porridge
L: some of the fab Veggie curry we made at work, syn free! Apple, grapes and fat free yoghurt when I got home. 1x coffee with sugar (1)
T: Veggie sausages, poached eggs, beans and potato waffles (6 I think). Might have some toast too as I'm ravenous, and have an extra hex to use.
Hot chocolate with hexa milk and (2) for options. Maybe a freddo or marshmallows & cream on it with the rest of my syns..
Yesterday went reasonably well and I stayed within syns. Today we decided to make pizzas for tea, bit of a minefield on SW but I dug out my fakeaways book and scales. The amount they say serves 4 is what we'd normally have each!
I've made enough dough for me for 11(!) syns, all toppings will be either hex or free. Today's been the first day when I came close to jacking it in for a meal though- almost persuaded myself that it wouldn't matter. But it's WI tomorrow and I'd kick myself for ruining my hard work. Suppose it's all part of readjusting, and it was good to get some ideas from the book. I was explaining to OH that it was hard staying on plan and keeping him happy with what we're eating too, and he said we could try some of the recipes next week.
B: Beans and poached eggs on toast
L: Fat free yoghurt and fruit
T: pizza! I might have to put some SW chips with it as it looks a really mean amount of dough. Though I will top with lots of veggies and have salad on the side.
Hope everyone's had a good weekend!
I feel the same way about catering for others on SW, it goes wrong for me if my daughters cook and wrong for them when it's a SW recipe. It's ok when it's just me and Mrs Quins. I could go over to calorie counting using my fitness pal app., not that we are eating much at the moment, a 7lb loss is too much in a week.
7lbs is a huge loss in a week!!
I liked MFP for a change when I'd been doing SW for a long time- it meant I could eat more conveniently but I soon learned the meaning of 'empty calories'.
Pizza was delish- I didn't have any chips with it in the end, by the time I'd loaded it with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and sweetcorn there was plenty haha.
OH was happy with his too, think we might have to come to some agreements on food.
I didn't use to struggle with this before so need to remember what I used to cook e.g. pasta (SW friendly) then add garlic bread for him.
Today he suggested pie and dauphinoise potatoes :eek: I mean really, I can hardly make that on plan- without lots of tweaks and hours in the kitchen anyway.
Going to have a look for some inspiration tonight; pinterest, two chubby cubs & pinch of nom..
First week done and down 3lbs!!
This is the motivation I needed. I can do this, I will stick with this. I know there will be hurdles but I have to get back on plan after wobbles and keep this momentum going.
Seems I only managed to delay the pie by a day! He wants it for tea tonight but I have all day to think of, and prepare, something different for me.
If I make it to the supermarket I will grab some gnocchi and make the cheeseburger bake that @Torn_Tranquility had last week :D if not I will come up with something from the freezer. I bought a silicone waffle mould and it came on Saturday so I could try experimenting with that...
Makes sense to have a green day today if I'm making separate teas anyway.
Will update later with todays food :)
Slight change of plan as I sat at my laptop ALL day writing, so no supermarket. And the pie was a big one not two individuals like I thought..
B: Banana porridge
L: Sweet n sour noodles with chopped peppers, onions and a sprinkle of sweetcorn. Apple
T: Chilli & rice. Leftovers for tomorrows lunch!
Syns: Ritter chocolate (3?) Crisps (4)
I'll probably have a bit more chocolate later- my selection box is taunting me!
Last night I had a lovely Options with squirty cream- felt very indulgent for 4 syns!
Today I think is like this:
B: banana porridge. The last of the porridge so I'll be moving on to bran flakes!
L: Leftover chilli, there was only a bit of rice but it was tasty
T: Veggie sausages, sw chips and grilled tomatoes/mushrooms.
Not had any syns yet but I'll have a crunchie (7.5) with Silent Witness tonight.. Didn't watch it last night so will have both episodes!
Went to Lidl today and restocked my fresh stuff, also picked up some more noodles. They're so quick to cook, I don't have time to think about my nemesis- sandwiches- at lunch time. I've got a frozen jacket potato left but, dare I say, they're a bit too filling to have at lunch!