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Positive - What are you doing right????


is going to loose!
Rather than ponder on the fact, I pre plan my eating for the day and cant manage to stick to it.....Feeling disappointed with myself and doing my head in.

I thought it would be good to change our mind sets, as it is mind over matter. So feel free to add what your are doing well;

  • 4 or more ltrs of water a day
  • Going to the gym every other day
  • Taking my vitamins

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Gold Member
Im eating lots of salads, fruit and fish (used to hate fish) im doing 30 mins of walking a day


not bad in all i think


A little of everything!
Eating fresh- no processed cr*p, drinking plenty of water, allowing myself treats so I don't feel 'deprived'!


is going to loose!
It's good to remind ourselves that sometimes we are progressing winning this war!

Well done girls! Anyone else?
I am exercising 3 times a week if not more, for at least an hour at a time, where I never used to do anything at all.

I am losing weight, even if it is very slow and has taken me since January to get 10lbs off, I will get there slowly and steadily.


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i am sticking to my plan 100% drinking at least 4litres of water a day and trying to up my exercise now i'm getting my energy back :D

abz xx


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how the hell can anyone drink 4 ltrs of water in a day i used to find it really hard to drink 2 ltrs a day... maybe ill give it ago for the day :cool:


Gold Member
ha. it's really easy once you get used to it. i have a litre bottle on my desk and am always slurping from it and i have to stop sometimes so i don't drink too much and end up in the loo the entire day!!

abz xx
I eat fruit instead of junk food and often have fruit instead of a lunch. I try to exercise at least 3 times a week. I dont drink that much water though :p id rather have a hot drink than water unless the weather is hot :p
I drink 2/3 litres of water a day
No diet fizzy drinks this week ( seeing if it makes any difference)
Sticking 100% to my calorie allowance
Doing an extra exercise session a week

This is making me feel more positive already !


is going to loose!
I knew everyone out there is doing great work! It's true 4 litres is easy after a few days, and many people seem to be exercising.

Last year when I lost weight my program said no exercise as it messes with hunger levels and your metabolism and the science of my program is to create a happy chemistry again within you stomach using certain foods..... however, when I lost the weight, by chance I had an allergic reaction to something (at my workplace) and I had to go on steroids (I gained 3 kilos in 3 days, along with another 3 the following week!)

By this time I had lost my passion and motivation for exercise and found it really had to shift those kilos, I gained an extra few on top of this and have lost them, and now fighting the original gain.

My point being I have learnt that at the end of my program the second time (now) I dont want to do the refeed, do maintenance and then not be exercising otherwise this vicious circle will come back around.

Thanks for listening and I'm very pleased to hear about other peoples achievements. Sometimes we become consumed with whats not working for us.



is going to loose!
Never too late.

How easy is it to do these things? Not very, lets all take this and try to add something new to our routines.

I might try buying the paper everyday and reading it in the afternoon when I'm likely to cheat.


Silver Member
Hi girls, its great to think about the good things we do, now on my 3rd week and find drinking 4L of water everyday quite easy now, it was hard at first but its got easier :) I have started going swimming twice a week so i feel good about that. Jo x


is going to loose!

You sound like your on the loosing track.... loosing weight that is!



Here for the Journey
I love all this positive stuff. What I want to carry forward is this great feeling I have that I am doing something REALLY WONDERFUL for myself AND HAVING GREAT FUN DOING IT!
Well done all my friends on minis :)


Full Member
Been counting calories and sticking to them, actually going to the gym (2-3 times a week) and exercising regularly and drinking more water and green tea. :D


is going to loose!
I resisted drinking any alcohol this weekend and ate less bad crap than I usually do on the weekends (I can not stick to my plan any more than 60% during these days) and I, as a result feel the best I have for a Monday (except for some bloatedness) than the past 3 Mondays yay!!!


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