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Positives only please.....

I've been reading a few threads that to be quite honest have just depressed me, and I think we need to celebrate our achievements a little and leave behind the negatives!! :D

So, I want to know what is the best thing you have noticed lately related to your weight loss??

I'll start, mine is I have my hip bones back....it makes me want to go around nudging people with my hips just so they can feel them!! lol. :rolleyes:

What's yours?? :D
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Ooo hips well done:D

I agree about being postive and now you've mentioned it I'm going to try this week to think of good things daily! The positive for me is I am just really happy that I've not been 'naughty' even once, unheard of for me!

Also I think the wobbly bit on the top of my thighs is shrinking.:p
Less wobbly bits....an absolute positive!! I have remembered some of the random things I got excited at over the past year....I developed a neck bone, I dropped a shoe size (seriously!! Never thought that would happen! lol.), and my belly button became round...it used to look like it frowned or at the beginning was just submerged beneath my tummy! lol

More positives please ladies and gents.....
The discovery of collar bones was a huge novelty... to be honest, it still is ! :eek::D

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Mine would be that I have literally climbed mountains! I have climbed Scarfel Pike and Snowdon, I could never have done that before!!
Mine would be that I have literally climbed mountains! I have climbed Scarfel Pike and Snowdon, I could never have done that before!!
I'm right there with you (although my climbs are not quite so high!! That is seriously impressive Mrs V :D). A couple of years ago I laged behind everyone trying to climb a mountain fairly local to me....last year I flew up it! :D

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Great post! With the warm weather I've been wearing skirts this week and baring flesh - no rubbing of thighs and no sweating top lip as soon as the sun made an apperance! I'm actually looking forward to wearing lovely summery clothes this year xxx


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Mine is discovering collar-bones, going down a dress-size and seeing my reflection in a shop mirror/window and thinking I don't look quite as horrible as I used too. Still got a fair old ways to go though.
Haha...Emsie, I just had to google "Primarni" as I thought I was missing out on a shop or something!! It's primark....doh! lol x
When I look in the mirror I can see my knickers without having to lift up my huge belly! :D:eek:
:rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:....that's the stuff!! I remember the first time I could look down and see "My lady" without having to lift my belly out the way....I was well impressed!! :p lol.


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