Power walking versus running

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  1. Jodyray

    Jodyray Full Member

    Hi all, is it possible to lose weight and get fit with power walking as much as you can with running? I have done both but I'm not great at running I get shin splints and out of breath quite easily as I'm asthmatic. I've tried the couch to 5k that the nhs suggest but I struggle. With walking I've easily done 8 miles with no breathing issues but not sure it will help me lose weight! Any advice? X
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  3. Jodyray

    Jodyray Full Member

    Yes I agree that any is better than none. How often do you go per week? Congrats on your weight loss! :)
  4. Jodyray

    Jodyray Full Member

    Fab well I've just got myself a husky puppy so plenty of walking ahead I think lol
  5. MrsKing

    MrsKing Full Member

    I totally agree I can power walk for miles no problem but I actually get back pain and out if breath so quick when running. I definitely think it works as good as running its just off putti g when people comment saying its not as good but a few years ago I saw results from walking , so should really get back in the power walking ... Roll on summertime! X
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