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PP weekly allowence!


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Weekly points question

I had my second weigh in on Saturday - had lost 1.5lbs, and while I know it's a loss etc etc, I was hoping for a bit more as I had gained 3lbs over 5 weeks with Xmas etc....anywaay as I was trying to be really good, I only used about 15 of my weekly 49 points really.

I am on 29 daily so do you think I should have used all my 49? I am thinking this week about spreading them out more evenly, at least using some of them each day if not a full 7 and seeing if it makes a difference.

Does anyone on 29 points NOT use all their 49 points and how do you feel it has affected your losses so far for better or for worse?

Some weeks I will have no problem using them up (wine, takeaways or eating out!!) but the past couple of weeks has been quiet as skint after Xmas and January is always a bit like that isn't it!

It's ALL in the mind isn't it - if I have a rubbish loss, or a STS even if I have been good then I end up in a "sod it" mood and don't stick to it! I want to see those scales shifting downwards more quickly as I have about 3.5 stone still to lose really!

Thoughts please? Thanks in advance x
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I always use all my weekly points and usually lose


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opinions please on weekly allowance

Ok, so week one on pro points, only eating about 20 of the weekly pro points and I lost 2 and a half pounds. Was well happy with that.

This week, I have eaten 40 of the 49 weekly points and im worried that I wont have a lose. i think I need to re-train my brain but Im worried that if I use these 49 I wont lose.

Im sure I wont use them all every week as Ill not need to... but will be interesting to see what my thursday weigh in is like!!!


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I too am wondering this. I'm trying this week to not use any of my weeklys and see what happens so look forward to your weigh in tomorrow be sure to let me know x


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Oooh that would be lovely if you could thanks :)


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Im sure you wont have chick :) x
Sorry for butting in ladies, I had my weigh in today & stayed the same was really disappointed, so my leader went through my tracker with me, I had under eating my weekly pp, I had 31 instead of the 49, she couldn't have stated it anymore clearly you have to use the full weekly allowance to see a good result!!!
Never thought I'd be on a diet & to be told I hadn't eating enough... Was very disappointed but back on track now...
Good luck with weight loss xxx


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Brilliant well done Hun xx
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Thanks girls :) so maybe the 49 extra points do count! i think its because 29 propoints =14 normal points plus 7 = 21points which my mum had in normal points x x


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Brillaint hun :)

I've used 2pp from my slush fund this week will see the weigh in tomorrow and next week im going to use them all see if they make a difference. Sounding like they do! :)


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Trial ... Not using weekly pp's VS Using weekly pp's

Ok so this last week i havnt used my weekly 49pp (actually i used 2pp on some extra strong mints) and I have lost 1.25lbs. Bit dissapointed I want more but its in the right direction so can't really complain.

Finding it hard to get to 29pp per day along with training 3/4 times a week for a half marathon. You'd think i'd be ok using all of my daily points (today is an exception!!!!)

Anyhow, just thought i'd create this thread for anyone interested as this week I am going to use all of my weekly pp's and monday will see if it makes any difference.

I do have a diary of the food I am eating but its over on the lipotrim maintainence section of this site but just for this week i'll also post in here.

Monday 24th January

B- 2 slices wm toast 6pp
jam 1pp
butter 2pp

*thin dairy milk bar 3pp
*25g maoam 3pp

L- pepperoni pizza 1/2 baguette 6pp
100g mccain rustic oven chips 4pp

*2shortcake biccies 4pp

D- 100g pasta 4pp
ham slices 2pp
lettuce, cucumber, red onion 0pp
1tbsp elf mayo 1pp
30g cheddar cheese 3pp
*ww Belgian choc slice 2pp

*packet of wheat crunchies 3pp
*1/2 mars bar 4pp

*apple & clementine for work

Total = 29pp
SF = 19pp used today 30pp left
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i used 35 of mine first week and lost 1;5lbs used the same 2nd week and put on 1lb,,have used about 30 this week so will see how that goea on thursday
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Our leader told us to try to use up all of our weekly points this week as lots of people are scared to use them. Unfortunately I used all of mine on alcohol on Friday night and was sick all day on Saturday so not sure if that was a good way to use them! I plan to use them better next week but am concerned about wi tomorrow.
Let us know how you get on!

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