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Priya's diary

Hey i have finally got my shakes and started today...yaay...had a shake in the morning the vanilla flavour one, it wasnt as nice as i thought it would be...it tasted more like milk then vanilla :S...hmm might try it with coffee next time see if that elps it a bit...then i came home from work to have anotha vanilla shake it still tasted the same as the morning time no diff...couldn't find any coffee to add to it the 2nd time around lol..and in the evening will probaby av the veg soup or something...struggling with the water intake now that i am home for the weekend but it should be alright by tomorrow when i am bk at uni..:D..weighed myself a bit ago coz finally got some scales todai after work...i weighed in at 10.4lbs....havent measured maself as yet as i don't know how to do it properly :$ but i am currently fitting into size 14 jeans and one or two size 12's ...lol...soo day 1 of my exante journey hope it does work...still trying to figure out how i lost the 3lbs from..:S lol no idea but i aint complaining..lol the more the better as they say...aim is to get down to 8 and a half stone or 8 stone not decided as yet will decide once i get to 8 and a half stone n also depends on whether i can fit into size 10 jeans at that point or not...if not then will carry on with the diet til i do fit into them..lol...
p.s if i don't update my sig todai then will do probably when i am back at uni tomorrow after work...:)
cya soon

Reasons as to why i want to do this:
1) Be able to buy smaller sized clothes

2) Be able to feel more confident

3) Decrease the size of my thighs

4) Decrease my love handles but to have a smaller waist

5) Keep my curves (keep me feelin womanly)

6) Not have to constantly compare myself with my slimmer mates

7) Be able to feel confident, sexy and girly around ma man

8) Enjoy going shopping and be able to experiment with different types of clothes

9) Be able to wear bright colours

10) Be able to wear jeans again!! not that i don't like leggings they are really comfy i wear them most of the time with most tops but i still would love to b able to wear nycly fitted smaller sized jeans again!!!!!

11) Also to prove to my family and friends that i can do this and i can look better then i do now!!
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welcome and good luck, i agree the shakes have not got alot of flavour but i do like them. I add salt n pepper to my soups and sometime half them into cups as they are tooo creamy. good luck on your journey


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Hi Priya, at last you have joined the ranks of dieters. Good luck, look forward to your post when you are back at Uni to see how it is going but you sound seriously motivated so I am sure it will be an absolute walk in the park for you.
Thank you for the words of support and luck as i am going to need it....lol today i struggled with water intake and i do actually like the bars didn't even manage to finish the entire bar off they are quite big and a lot nicer tasting then i thought..lol...so halved it and saving the other half for tomorrow...is that allowed? not too sure lol...and so it doesn't affect your weight loss does it?...i am going to b glad going back to uni tomorrow...i think i will do a lot more better there then i do at home as at uni its just me so don't av to think about food and buy it whereas here there is constant reminders of food here....so hoping the scales will b kind to me at the end of the week though i have a feeling will end up jumpin on them mid week as i am going to b dragging them all the way to uni with me loll....just really want to get into the nine's on the scales then i will probably think there is hope for me on this diet and hope for me to achieve my aims and goals that i want to achieve....:(...at uni can b on here more as well lol...soo much better being there then here at home with family...
tc n catch you probably tomorrow late afternoon...if any of you have any tips, advice, info as such in losing it quickly lol as quick as you all have done...then please feel free to tel me as i need all the help as i can get..even though i know every one's body types are different and will bear that in mind...i am those kind of people who need to see results or they endup eitha givn up or slowin down completely....:(....so would appreciate your support thank you.. :D


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S: 18st7lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 1st7lb(8.11%)
Hey Priya, not much we can tell but to hang there. You sound serious about this so there is no problem with the motivation. You do not have much to lose so your weight loss might not be as much as some of us was the 1st week so DO NOT GET DESPONDENT. I personally do not know why you get even smaller but it is something you want to do and you you are motivated to do it, just please please do not let your intake be any less than what the diet suggests as this can be dangerous. Yesterday is seems you only ate half the bar, that would mean you are 100 calories less than what the diet says. I know LL is 500 calories a day so it may not be to bad but Exante suggests 600 a day if you doing the total plan, which you are. Why not eat the bar throughout the day if you cannot finish it in one go and have the other two drinks at the normal times, one in the morning and one in the evening.
I am no expert yet but this sounds like a reasonable way of consuming your 600 cals a day.
I think you will be happy with your 1st weeks loss. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you updates
alright thank you for telling me about the bars...sorii didn't know yeah you are right i might split them or might just wait to have them in the second week or something...thank you your support is much appreciated will update later on in the evening..:D oh and y i want to be smaller is because i feel big myself lol in fact sometimes feel hugee lol...got big hips n ma waist lux massive lol...currently 39 inches finally measured maself yday hope i did it right lol..i kno the hips will probz stay as that is part of my general body shape but wud luv it if the waist went down a tad bit :)


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I would be very surprised if your waist was 39 inches Priya chick :)

Just stick to the plan 100% and the weight will come of he fastest your body can do it :) You will look great x


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Priya you must east the full bar. 600 calories are needed to keep your body functioning. If you take in less you wont lose weight quicker as your body will go into starvation mode and then you will get some nasty side effects.
Good luck with the week. You've seen us suffer on here in the first week so know what to expect lol. Just keep up the water glugging :)
oops lol sorrii forgot to say did eat the full bar in the evening lol...forgot to say it in my other post lol...sorii my initial about the bars was were we allowed to half it and eat the other half later on during the day sorii if i wasn't clear in my writing didn't realise that that might be how it looked like to you guys that i onli had half of the bar lol...nah i did half the full bar just in two parts at diff times of the day...wasnt sure if that was allowed...sorri for the confusion...

isis huh didn't get your post hun...what did you mean you would be suprised that my waist is 39 inches...do you mean i have measured myself rong..:S didn't really get it coz you have put a smiley face at the end and not really sure what the smile is about sorri being bit slow :$...please explain thank youu :D


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I think your waist would be smaller than 39 inches chick. Your waist is the indent below your lowest rib bone and above your hip bone. Seems high, but if you read online, that is where it is. I bet you have measured your hips or bum/hips x
is it where the belly button is? cause that is where my cdc on cd diet used to measure me from..:S....right measured myself again without the jeans lol and now it says 37inches... so tad bit confused now...:S lol...but jeans size wise i know i can fit into a size 14 and in some size 12;s currently...and top size i can now manage to fit into my younga sisters size 8-10 top and it don't look as though i have just managed to fit into it, it actually went over my head and on me quite comfortably lol...so just need the jeans to go that way too..and don't really want to completely end up losing my bust as i am happy with that part of me lol..


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S: 27st7.0lb C: 16st11.0lb G: 12st13.0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 10st10lb(38.96%)
Things You'll Need:
Body measurement tape
Step 1
Find your natural waist. An easy way to do this is to stand in front of the mirror and bend at your side. The crease that forms indicates your natural waistline, directly above the belly button and below the ribcage.

Step 2
Stand up straight and relax your abdominal muscles. Wrap the measuring tape completely around your waist starting at the belly button. Begin at the spot on the tape where the measure reads "0". Make sure the tape is level around your waistline; not too loose, not too tight.

Step 3
Do not place the measuring tape over clothes. You'll get the most accurate results on bare skin. However, make sure the tape is not squeezing into your skin. The number that meets the "0" after you have circled your entire waist is your waist measurement.

Step 4
Remove the tape and jot down your measurement for future reference. A healthy waistline for a woman is between 32 and 23 inches. For a man, it's between 45 and 32 inches.

Read more: How to Measure a Waist | eHow.com How to Measure a Waist | eHow.com
orite thank you for the instructions...nope it stlll says 37..:S soo i guess i have got quite a bit to lose inch wise in order to get into the healthy range or to even get into the size that i want to get in to ahh bugger :(..lol


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S: 27st7.0lb C: 16st11.0lb G: 12st13.0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 10st10lb(38.96%)
Still less than 39 though. So thats a good thing! I lost 2 inches in week 1 :)
kk fingers crossed for me then lol :)...iv just had my 2nd meal veg soupll..first time i have tried it didn't have it yesterday..yesterday had two shakes and a bar...lol..the veg soup is defoo filling i have to admit..i made it into a cup of soup rather then a bowl as i would have struggled with it lol, had it with a spoon as it made me feel as though i was eating rather then drinkin lol...have had about 6 glasses of water still know it is not enough so when i am back at uni will probably kneck back a 2 ltre bottle back spaced out through the evning...i find it easier drinking from a bottle as i know how much i;v had and how much i have left then...:)...on the plus side i can now fit into my younger sisters size 8-10 top lol which i never have been able to do before...loolz...know its a small thing but i am sorri can't seem to stop mentioning it on ere lol sorriii :$....


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S: 18st7lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 1st7lb(8.11%)
Sweet you tell us all whatever you want and as often as you like. Fitting into things you did not fit into before is a victory and damn girl, must be celebrated and spoken about. I drink about 4 litres a day and also drink from a bottle but then I enjoy water and have always drank a lot of water much like the booze in my mispent youth.

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