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Pro Points Vs Points Plus


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Hi all :wavey:

Ok I have a dilemma...
I'm off to USA twice this year and thought I should be able to stick to my WW plan whilst I'm there as it’s well established in the US.
I emailed WW and asked them if the US Points Plus is the same as our PP and apparently it's not :doh:

I can still use my esource calculator to work out foods as long as the four mains groups are there (Protein, carbs, fat and fibre). That’s all well and good but the majority of nutritional information on packaging out there is in percentages!!

Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you get around it?

And what is the difference between Points Plus and Pro Plus anyway???
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Sorry, no idea on what the difference is. But even if you only have percentages you could still work it out, as that must be a percentage OF something- your guideline daily amounts I'd imagine? So if you know it's 20% of 20g, for example, you know it's 4g. Little bit of hassle but doable if you really want to stick to it :)
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Omg WHAT!!! I thought they were the same!? I even bought the points plus dining out companion!! Argh! I've compared the books though and generally the points are the same, apart from points plus being slightly higher. Oh well gonna go read up...
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It actually does list the grams of Fat, fiber, carbs, and prot. On the ni. Then in a separate column it says the %.

Fiber is listed under the carbs, but is easy to locate.
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As far as I can see from the things I've read the plans are pretty much the same so I can still use my dining out companion...phew!
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as far as I understand from the American website, the plans are basically the same. Follow your companion book with confidence. If some things are slightly higher in points... well, better higher than lower! You'll lose more ;)
Hi Winny
I work as Cabin Crew and on my last visit to Florida i visited the Weight Watchers shop in Altamonte Springs, to ask the same question as what you are asking.
They advised me that the new pro points/ plus points model is universal, and i even got a copy of the usa dining out book. and when looking at our one the points are the same give +1/2 points but that is due to portion size in the states. if you get the chance to visit a weight watchers shop, they are a great place to buy stuff like water flavours etc etc
For your info here is a website with most restaurants in the states with plus points info lws29
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