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Attack Props!

Just finishing up my first official day on attack and I have to give props to you all - it's not easy at all!

I had prawns for breakfast, ff yogurt for snack, 2 salmon fillets for lunch, galette for snack and am just cooking some chicken curry now.

By 5pm my head was pounding! So well done all you guys who have come so far!
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Hi ashtanna im also on my first day of attack,im finding it very good so far,i had 1.5 tbsps of oatbran mixed with ff yougrt for breakfast,mid snack had 2 slices of ham,at lunch had 2 chicken fillets grilled,and dinner was 1 chicken fillet and 10 prawns mixed with 2 tbsps of greek ff yougrt,curry powder,garlic and djion mustard,i also had 2.5 litres of water and did 30 mins on the threadmill.best of luck to you,cant wait to start seeing results after my 5th day on the attack phase :)


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This is my 11th day and it does get easier, on the 3rd day i thought how the hell am i going to do this nearly gave up there and then. Major headaches, aching muscles, foul taste in my mouth let alone anything else. Stuck with it and ive lost 5lb which for me is very good and a sneak little weigh in before - another 1. Im not hungry, I havent craved anything and im in a much better mood etc etc. I dont care how long it takes me to get to where i want to be Dukan is brilliant, stick with it and i promise it does get better good luck
wow well done chris thats fantastic results,im determined to stick with it,im really hoping that after the attack phase i will see positive results and it will give me the edge to move on with confidence to the next phase :)


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I still can't get my head around how I've taken to Dukan like a duck out of water, its wierd tried for months with SW but ....... just got fatter! I think the biggest incentive is knowing if u stick to it then a target is achievable where with other slimming plans you just dont know when because u can have anything to eat and the temptation is too great so u overeat. Well ..... thats my theory anyway.
Have u looked on the dukan website dukandiet.co.uk and worked out your true weight. Its free and gives you an idea when u will get to target. In the attack phase it said i would lose 4lbs how accurate is that!

sorry website link came up with german - id not got the right website add - LOL
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The headaches are horrible - but they should disappear as soon as move to cruise. How many days of attack were you planning?
Today is my last day of attack - I had a trial run on Saturday and Sunday but I've been 100% yesterday and today so that's 2 days which is what my recommended time is. I'm amazed that some of you do it for 5+ days. You must have some willpower!

I'm not sure what my weight loss is as I don't have any scales in my house but I'll visit my mum's tonight to see.

I'm not expecting it to be significant because I haven't done any exercise. Hope to get out for a walk at lunch today but that is subject to change :)