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Pros and Cons....

  1. Initial hunger and tiredness
  2. Sometimes recurring hunger
  3. Cravings
  4. Headaches
  5. Impact on social life
  6. Bad breath (tho eased by increased water intake)
(have I left any out?)

Pros :D :D
  1. Amazing results
  2. Quick results
  3. Rediscovered energy
  4. The knowledge that said energy is genuine and not sugar induced -and that it comes from fat stores!
  5. Regaining control over cravings and hunger.
  6. Beating food reliance -no longer a slave to comfort eating and old food habits. No more going to bed bloated and waking up sluggish!
  7. Health improvements -people start exercising and actually LIVING with their new energy too!
  8. Appearance improvements -both body and skin improvements.
  9. Self esteem improvements e.g. Confidence to go for new jobs or enjoy the one they have. People start to become interested in themselves again, pampering themselves with hot baths and cosmetics.
  10. New clothes.
  11. New life?!
  12. MINIMINS!!
Have I left anything out? ;)
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looks pretty comprehensive to me!! I agree with it all - only lost 1lb this week but am happy happy happy after the week i've had - and your pros have just reinforced my intent to have a good week this week so roll on next saturday!!

I would add:

saving a fortune in tesco's !!
little or no cooking!!
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is loving the soup?!
What a fab post!
I'd add:


* Dizziness
* Worries my skin will be looser than if I lost more slowly


* Clearing my head from the - quite literally - hours a day I have realised I used to spend thinking about/planning/worrying about food. This has been amazing for me - both the realisation and the ability fully to relax for the first time in years
* Weirdly, much better skin
* The chance to relax in those first few days. I 'let' myself relax and I realised it hadn't happened for years - even when resting, I felt guilty. Now I'm usually back to everyday tasks with renewed energy.
* a sense of pride and achievement

But your post says it all really...so many more pros than cons.


is loving the soup?!
oh yeah how did I forget the reduction in washing up?!?
and having a great excuse to turn down invitations to things you don't want to go to!!
lmao -all so so true! Keep em comin! :D :D
and (shame on me) not going to the gym if i feel a bit weak as i have a legitimate excuse lol! (going back this week honest!!)
lol - gym excuses yes -good good.

And i so understand about those LOADS of skinny clothes that I can't part with! lol

I have A LOT of clothes still with tags that I've bought through the dieting years that I can't wait to wear.


Gonna be slim again
Im sure my wife loves the constipation with me as the toilets are generally fresher and ther arent as many bad smells around! :)
feeling cold

Knowing you can commit to a project and finish it.
Comfortably sit with legs crossed.
lol -I quite enjoy the constipation lol -predictable poops -not abad thing for me! :D

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