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Psyllium husks- How do you take yours???(Read Disclaimer at bottom of post)


Here to help :-)
Hi All,
I am facing into Week 2, and have started taking these, and it has been my experience that they WORK!!!

I figured while I was going to be on this "No Food" diet, I might as well avail of a colon cleanse at the same time. I read a bit about these, and figured they'd fit nicely into my programme, and so far, so good.

Basically, the way it works is that once ingested, it absorbs water and bulks up to 50 times its original size which absorbs toxins rapidly as a sponge in your colon.

The instructions on the pack recommend that you do not take it 30 minutes before a 'MEAL' or 60 minutes after.

What I'd like to know is, does that apply to us (on Exante) as we are not having 'MEALS' in the normal sense of the word?

Currently, I am taking a tablespoon in 500 ml of water, followed by a further 1 litre of water first thing in the morning. It's do-able but not the easiest thing to face morning after morning. I'm wondering if others are taking theirs with their shakes or soups, it would have to be more palatable that way, but it goes against the recommendation mentioned above.

I await your advices.


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Great thread Conor, I'd be interested in your replies as I'm worried if taking too many senna or dulcolax would be bad for me.
I have IBS and on 'normal' food I have bad days but I have had none since doing TS. In fact I have had the opposite effect :(


Here to help :-)
Hi Ali, Google is your friend. Look up about them there, claimed to be a cure/treatment for IBS. Quiet incredible claims from people who had chronic conditions that the husks certainly made an appreciable difference.
Psyllium husks are ideal for people with IBS as they're gentle (unlike bran which is too harsh) and non habit forming. In my opinion it's better to prevent constipation than cure it. The body may become dependent on laxatives so I prefer not to use them.

I think the advice to not take them 30 minutes either side of a meal applies to solid food. If you've eaten a meal and it's digesting in your stomach, it's probably not a good idea to swallow a dose of something that expands in liquid. Same if you've got the psyllium husks already swelling inside, it's probably not a good idea to eat a roast dinner.

However, I add 1tsp to the shakes and soups (so 2 tsps per day) because they're already liquid. I did this for 10 months when I was on Cambridge and never experienced a problem. I like the thicker consistency of the shakes and soups with PH in them and I never experience constipation.

However, I'm not suggesting everyone does it - this is something that works for me. I tried PH in water the first time I bought it and almost threw up - it was like drinking pond slime.

I've been taking PH this way for 3 weeks on Exante and, again, have never had a problem.

I asked by email to Exante Diet about Psyllium husks and got no clear reply. They say they provide fibber in the shakes but at same time did not say yes or no to having it.

I have used it on and off for a few years and wanted to carry on during TS.

Any one know if its 100% ok to take it.


Here to help :-)
They are credited with aiding digestive transit and thereby preventing/constipation which can be a side effect of a VLCD such as Exante. Check it out on Google.




Here to help :-)
Hi atomic, If you read the posts by Russian Doll on this topic, she took them as a supplement while on another VLCD, she shed 10 stone in 10 months! So it certainly should not effect ketosis in any way.


Been liberated by Exante!
CelticTiger said:
Hi atomic, If you read the posts by Russian Doll on this topic, she took them as a supplement while on another VLCD, she shed 10 stone in 10 months! So it certainly should not effect ketosis in any way.
I found they did not suit me at all, gave me wind. Now I use fibre clear - you can get in on Amazon £5 a pot, lasts about ten days. Also chemists selling lipotrim sell it too. It's tasteless, and you can add it to soups and shakes.

VLCDiets are often associated with constipation, for long term users you have to find what works for you.

I also take mine with shakes in the way that RD describes (as it was RD who let me know about them) and i really rate them. I also wondered about the meal advice, but again i think that it would apply to solid food and not liquid soups or shakes. They also contain zero carbs, so could not take you out of ketosis, and taste much better i should imagine disguised in the shakes :)
I would not take PH at the same time as a MR. Because it soaks up the liquid in your intestines, it can absorb some of the nutrients as well. For the same reason PH should not be taken at the same time as prescription medicines.
That kinda was the impression I got from what I had read also, BakedAlaska. I am taking a heaped tablespoon in about 400mls of water followed by another 400mls of water. I might drop back the amount and instead up the water intake.
My p husks arrived to day and just in the nic of time let me tell you! However, the first attempt of taking them wasn't too successfulas they hadn't hit my stomach before they came back up (sorry lol). I will attempt the wall paper paste er i mean husks again tomorrow! x
Oh dear, moonbeames, that's not great. I struggled getting them down myself to-day.:sigh:

I have mine in 500ml of lukewarm water from the kettle and take it one mouthfull at a time. Pity I cant drink Carlsberg as slowly ... :rolleyes:
I think I'll try and get the capsules don't fancy trying to drink that! :)
Just saw this one mate
I take 2 heaped teaspoons of husk in the morning with a shake.
I have found I prefer them in a vanilla as its kind of like a mashed up milky weetabix texture which is almost acceptable.
I keep telling myself that and I will have no trouble. I would think that the worst flavour to mix them with would be strawberry.

Id rather husk than laxatives any day.
I am Pleased to report, although I'll spare you the details, that I attempted the husks again last night, this time with water flavouring in. The result was the most pleasant trip to the loo this morning that I've had in a long time lol
My skinny bf also took some too as they are also supposed to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of diabetes and he thought they tasted like watery weetabix. Another plus we both found is that we both felt really really full afterwards.!
Well done moonbeams & OH, I have changed my dose from 1 heaped tablespoon daily to 1 heaped teaspoon. Certainly much easier take the lower dose. I think it's effectiveness is subjective to get the dosage Just RIght. Glad it worked for you.

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