Psyllium Husks, when will they start working?

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  1. fat in the jing

    fat in the jing as happy as a lark!

    Sorry for this post in advance! It's a bit :sign0137:!

    I've been having horrendous constipation for the past couple of weeks, going up to 7 days without any poo!:sign0137: again! I ordered Psyllium Husks which got here on Thursday. I've been taking 1 teaspoon of powder (with my shakes and soups) since then, but have not had a poo (I know, I'm so sorry!) since Thursday. (Took colon cleansing water - basically a laxative to clear me out bvefore the Psy Huasks arrived).

    I feel very bloated as if I need to go, but can't! This is very distressing as I am not that kind of girl...always a very regular lady!

    Would be grateful for any suggestions from anyone who can tell me how often should I be going on a VLCD and how long should it take til the Psy Husks get me moving?

    Sorry for such a pooey post!
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  3. Dancing

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    if the colon cleansing water shifted everything (do you think it did) then the husks, if taken Thursday, would probably be effective by Sunday (it usually takes me two to three days but everyone is different). However, have you been drinking water before and after the husks? As the water is helpful and will ensure there is enough for the husks to do their work. If you have, then there is the possibility that you are one of those people the husks won't work for.

    But you really need to drink more water than you were doing and drink it around the time of having the husks.
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    Dont Forget That U Are Not Eating As Much .i Seem To Be A Once A Week Kinnda Girl Now A Days Lol Used To Go Twice A Day Tmi Hope This Helps Mandy
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    well for me .. i been going 1 every 2-3 days and it really does hurts..

    ive also ordered the husks havent arrived yet... i do have the fibre drink from cd but havent taken any yet.. abit weary lol
  6. fat in the jing

    fat in the jing as happy as a lark!

    Thanks for all of the help and advice you guys. I've been drinking loads of water every day, about 6 litres, but it is very, very dry with us, so maybe I should try to intake a little more.
    My Hubby agrees with you, Mandy, that 'cos I'm not eating so much food I won't have so much to poop out!

    Anyhows, I hope that things will get moving in a regular kind of way today!

    Any advice for other things that may help if they don't?
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