Pubs & water????

This might be a silly question to ask but as i'm off to the pub tonight, does anyone know if all pubs sell bottles of mineral water behind the bar?????
My dad says that his local doesn't, so just a bit worried that I won't be able to have anything to drink!!!

Thanks Sue x
Most pubs do tonic water, even if they don't do bottled mineral water. Don't worry, you can always ask for tap water as a 'side' drink to whatever other people are drinking - you'll be fine ;)
Sue, stick a bottle in the car & then if they don't you've got supplies. If they object point out the fact they don't sell it, or else ask for tap water!
Most pubs and clubs nowadays seem to recognise the fact that water should be provided for non-drinkers / designated drivers etc and provide either bottled water (pricey) or free tap water.

On the first wemitt meet in Birmingham, we drank Flares dry of all their bottled Evian - the sight of our table completely covered in Evian bottles was quite funny!

Enjoy your night out :)
Tap water was ok for me, with Ice, or co-opration pop as my mate calls it!!!

Cheaper too!
I've not been to a pub that doesnt sell water, I think they just might keep it out the way.

Havent made it to a pub yet on SS, coz id hear the malibu calling me!!!!!

Have a fab evening and Im sure, with other people buying drinks etc etc who are with you, they shouldnt complain if you bring your own or if you ask for tap water.


Bottled water is a big money earner these days so I bet they do but nothing to stop you taking your own just in case. They can hardly complain if they can't sell it to you.

Have a nice evening.

Dizzy x
Pubs have to provide free tap water for people that are drinking alcohol too, as when you drink alcohol you get dehydrated so you should be fine with getting some water.

Have fun!
I'm back from meeting my friend in the pub. Thankfully they did sell bottled mineral water so my friend and I both had one!
My friend went to have a meeting with my CDC today and is starting CD tomorrow. We are planning on a little summer trip, will be nice to be smaller by then.
My CDC is so lovely, she said that my friend and I can go the meetings together so that will be great support.

Here's to Monday's weigh in!!!
Hi Sue

Glad you had a good time. So nice for you and your friend to be able support each other doing CD.

Don't forget to drop by at Minimins too and invite your friend.

Dizzy x
I can't keep away from this website, It's helped me a lot through my first week i've picked up lots of little tips. Luckily for me I haven't had any symptoms at all in my first week! The best thing I did was to finally pluck up the courage and contact a CDC.