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Purple Angel's Refeed Diary

here goes - i am going to a wedding today and my first ever meal will be at Carluccio's no less! which might be an issue as i have just looked at the menu and absolutely nothing is suitable but salad :(

I might have to sneak some tuna in my handbag...argh!

I am really scared to start eating - it is quite worrying and i really hate the idea that i might put on some weight. I am so used to the scales being nice and going down - i don't think i could take them going in reverse :rolleyes:

will write later what i had.
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Good luck hun and I hope you enjoy the wedding. Hopefully you can salvage something that could go with your salad. Have a great time.


I will be skinny again!!!
Im exactly the same chick!!

But I bought all my food yesterday and Im starting to look forward to eating again!!

I really cant wait for day 4 to have my pitta :)


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Hope you enjoy the wedding, I am sure you will and don't go worrying to much about the food side of it, if there is nothing healthly just eat a small portion, it is surprising how you can get away with eating a small amount whilst pushing food around your plate whilst talking, it has worked for me on several occasions.

Jo x
well today was okay - we were stuck in Carluccios for no less than 4 hours - yaaaawn!

I had some veg off the vegetarian platter to start with. Then for main i had sea bass which i gave some to hubby with tomato salsa. I gave hubby the potatoes :)

I then had a latte which can i say was absolutely divine :)

However i felt sh*t for eating. I felt very guilty and out of control. I whinged so much my huby said you are going to become anorexic if you aren't careful :rolleyes:

The bride was also offended that i didn't eat much and i left the cake alone (i really didn't care to eat it or not) and she was a bit upset about that. But it was too complicated to explain.

I feel hungry now - but i am due my second shake so that should be fine.

I think tomorrow will be better as i can control what is put in front of me and therefore feel less guilty.


I will be skinny again!!!
yeah I know what you mean!

Did it all taste nice??
It will take us just as long to get used to food again the same way as it took us to get used to having only shakes.

Its all about healthy choices from here on in girls, and we can control what we eat, lipotrim has definitely taught us that.

Well done for yesterday hun, you did brilliant.
the seabass was good.

BUT i woke up today in a panic and have decided to do 2 shakes and a meal. I feel out of control by having to eat and it scares me.

So to calm myself going with 2 shakes and 1 meal.

should be ok.....
okay - day 2's food was:

1 vanilla milkshake with coffee

Chicken marinated in frylight and spices etc cooked on the George! with broccoli

1 strawberry milkshake

thats it - ta da! LOL

the chicken was delish and tasted like fried chicken
I loved the chicken breast done on the George, its fantastic and cook so quick. My favourite new item in the kitchen when I was re-feeding was basil, fresh basil chopped and sprinkled on the breast when cooked is fabulous.


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Well done for coping with the wedding so well, I think you are right to have 2 shakes and a meal it is hard to get back to 3 shakes without feeling hungry and now your taste buds have been re stimulated the shakes won't seem satisfying enough for the first few days.

Are you going to stay on 2 shakes and a meal for a while as your bmi is very good anyway and you still loose weight on re-feed or do you want to go back on 3 shakes again?

Jo x
this is proper refeed - i had been getting ill so the last 7kg or so is going to be lost with SW.

So thats why i am being a scaredy cat about eating...LOL

but the exercise will begin and then i can do SW :)
right so i did day 2 properly today :D

vanilla milkshake

tuna salad (and ate half a boiled egg - oops)

salmon with broccoli.

wish me luck for tomorrow - going to a work away day for the night. Buffet style food - should be good and easy to stick to the old refeed :D
hope refeed is going well
hello people - have been away on my team's away day and guess what - i survived! (apart from setting the hotel fire alarm off and getting everyone evacuated!)

Yesterday was day 3 where i could potato - so lunch was salad and fish
dinner was jacket potato and salad.

Today was jacket potato, salad and fish :)
also had a banana as its fruit day...wow! It hurt my tummy!

If you guys could have seen the dessert trolley you'd have patted me on the back for being good. There was temptation EVERYWHERE! There was a tea and coffee area with free ginormous cookies, ice cream and as many biccies you could eat! Lunch was self service (including cakes) - this time last year i was having 2 cakes every meal time!

But - one small irritation. People constantly bugging me about why was i not having a starter, why i was i not having a dessert. I mean flaming nora! If you just ate nothing (literally!) for 3 months would you blow it all for some cheesecake....hell no!
right todays menu was:

vanilla milkshake with coffee in

tuna salad for lunch

cod, veg and 8oz baked potato followed by a banana and WW yoghurt

drinks: coffee with milk, peppermint tea, and water

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