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Q re product substitutions across plans??


Sensibly losing :)
Sorry for being a bit 'post happy' but I am ful of Qs as this side of dieting is very new to me..!

I was just reading through all of the diet sections and came across a post on the Xante forum and they are using Asda or Biggest loser bars in place of their orignal plan ones as they are much nicer and also cheaper.. now, correct me if I a wrong but my pharmacist told me that LL/Xante and LT etc are all the same and used to be made int he same place...

So, is it possible to substitute the odd thing? I am only on shakes at the mo and wont touch the LT bars as they are apparently yuk, but if the Asda ones were the same and provided same cals and suchlike then I wouldnt rule them out..

Does anyone know anything more on this? Also read about things you can 'get away with eating' but I darent even consider that, let alone try it out as doing too well so far...!!!

Thanks very much for any info!!
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All the exante products are really nice but a few more calories than LT, dunno about Tesco. I substituted both Exante and Be-YU for LT quite often.......


Sensibly losing :)
.. And quite clearly you did VERY well!!! LOL!!

Thank you :)

I am just thinking that maybe in a couple of weeks the shakes will be very boring (never.. LOL!!) and I may want something to actually CHEW!!! and the LT bars are apparently gross.. so this may bridge the gap and not make me feel so hard done by!
Thanks again! :) Much appreciated!! D xxx


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The asda and tesco meal replacement bars are not meant to be used with a total food replacement (tfr) diet so no it's not ok to substitute a shake for them.

I suppose if you really wanted to you could have an exante bar as exante has a tfr option same as lighterlife (i think).

Why don't you try the lipotrim 'flapjacks' just cuz others don't like them doesnt mean to say you wont either.


Sensibly losing :)
Thank you :) I have not even seen the Asda/Tesco ones, just seen them being spoken about on here so not had chance to compared the ingredients etc...

Hmm, you think they are worth giving a go? I have a very sweet tooth and LOVED my choc and cakes and biccies (hence being on LT now!!LOL)... even my pharmacy leader told me to avoid them! Are they THAT bad? Do you know many that eat them??
I have my weigh-in on Friday so I may grab 2 as part of my pack and then if I like them I can get more next week and if not I have not lost anything I guess
Thank you.. ooh and well done on your stats! amazing! I cant wait to be able to view people pictures and suchlike! :)

Donna xx


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All you can do is give them a try. Grab one of each to try. They are an aquired taste but a few do like them. Every now and again i'd have one but i'd make a really sweet cup of tea and break little bits off and dunk it in the tea just so it was something a little different.

You can also make the shakes into mousses by using less water.


Sensibly losing :)
OOOOH!! LOVING the tea and biccie idea - I used to do that daily with naughty biccies so thats right up my street!! LOL! :D

Also liking the mousse idea..!! I tried making a frozen one the night before last with the intention on blitzing it as flavoured ice but it was RANK! LOL! never again! The mousse sounds nice :)

Thanks for the tip! Will grab a couple of bars, with a cuppa I rekon they cant be tooooo bad..! Hmm, we shall see!
Donna xx

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