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question 2 all you super slimmers!!


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hi their im laura,
been on sw world for 5 weeks, i can see and feel the difference and its so rewarding( its brilliant) not even my husband of 10 years knows how much i weigh as im soo ashamed-ive never been skinny tho, b4 i had my kids i was a size 14!!! m,y ultimat goal is to fit into a size 12 seriously it would be an absolute dream!!) what id like to know is have any of you bought a peice of clothing to aim to fit into???? because ive really been concidering this as a way of keeping myself motivated? as anyone had any experiences or tips they can give me on this subject?
thanks so much 4 taking yr time to read my post
laura xx
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Hi Laura,

No I haven't bought anything unless its a tent!!! I have so much weight to lose that just to get into the clothes I have will do for me at the moment.

Good Luck with the size 12, I know you will do it..


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Hey, I'm the same. My OH doesn't know my weight :( I was a size 14 before having my son, he's one now. I'm a size 16-18 now, and would looooove to be a size 12 as I was when we started seeing each other 5years ago. I asked this question when I tried ww 2years ago, and have thought about buying something in a 12 :) I think it's a good idea. Xx


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well my daughter is now 7 and my son 5, and my weight as just gone rediculous!! i was a size 20 when i started sw 5 week ago, now im a comfy 18(which is gr8 for me)so i have a loooongway to go, but just seeing the weight coming off is such a gr8 feeling for me and now i actually feel that maybe SOMEDAY i may be able to reach my target, i think what i aught to do, is just buy something in a 16 and once i fit into that, then a 14 untill i reach my ultimate goal, wot u think???
laura xxxx

Roz V

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Hi Laura,

I DIDN'T do that, because I'm sure that I would have chosen something totally inappropriate! I had 4 and a 1/2 stone to lose (just the last 2 with SW), and I was so used to looking for big baggy cover-ups, that even the thought of anything figure hugging didn't cross my mind.

What I DID do though was treat myself to something "new" regularly from charity shops as I diminished - that was enough of a boost for me!

Still use charity shops a lot now, and STILL find myself drawn to their Extra Large or Plus Size rails, which ALWAYS have much nicer stuff on them now than when I HAD to buy from them...


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Oh that's a good idea!! More excuse to go shopping (which I'm not a fan of much anymore, I feel everything looks silly on me). I know someone who got back in their pre-pregnancy jeans in 6days after the birth! That just can't be normal, or healthy for that matter! :( x


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awww thankyou 4 yr ideas these are gr8, i love this forum so much support and friendly people to help in difficult situations- it makes me really emotional that i never did something about my weight before!!! boo hoo but im on the wagon now surely the only way is slimmer xxxx


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Oh posts crossed then! Charity shops can have some good stuff, but there's none round where I live i'd go to :| Might do some shopping online and buy myself something size 14 :) (...and that means have to buy shoes too... and a handbag!) X


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Charity shops rule Roz, I love them! New stuff every week.....

As for the original post - I didn't buy anything to fit into but I did have clothes which I had outgrown and for some reason I hadn't parted with (most of it ended up in charity bags as I'd convinced myself I would never be slim again and I was made to be that weight....) and it was so rewarding getting back into them.

There are people at my class though who purposely buy something in the size down as it is their motivation for losing weight. I say, if it's going to work for you then you do it girl!
i seriously may take a look in the charity shops near me!!! save me spending fortunes on clothes that im hoping wont fit me months after!!! hehe "oooooh what a good idea girls"but like julianne i may have to find shoes and handbag to match hehe we have to treat ourselfs
laura xxx


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i have never done that i have bags of clothes i have never fitted in and still have them in the hope of getting there.

when you buy your outfit dont buy shoes and bag to go with them make them as little treats as you go to keep you interested, say but the bag when you can nearly get the dress on and the shoes when you can, may keep you more motivated on the way
good idea!!! anyway could any1 tell me how i put info on my posts, ie- targets? stickers?etc and keep them on so every post i reply to will have my things on(sorry if i sound dumb )
laura xx
Hi Byron,

I agree with all about the charity shops, always worth a rummage hun! :D

I have acrually always bought myself one pair of trousers (usually jeans) in a size too small to aim towards. I do not get them out all of the time to try on, as that would depress me lol. I try them on after about 6 weeks and get a great suprise. It works for me, but may not for others I suppose.

Well done on your loss so far. :D

K xx


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i have a a pair of size 12 jeans hung in my wardrobe waiting for me to get into them it's a great incentive when i got them i couldn get them over my legs properly now i can do them up i just have overhang but it's good to shrink into things XXX
Oh yes I have bought clothes I wanna fit into....12 pairs of primark trousers (reduced in the sale) £2 each size 18. Just wanna be able to get em past my knees now lol. One day I will post on here that mission is accomplished, and thats a promise. XXX
Oh yes I have bought clothes I wanna fit into....12 pairs of primark trousers (reduced in the sale) £2 each size 18. Just wanna be able to get em past my knees now lol. One day I will post on here that mission is accomplished, and thats a promise. XXX

That's the spirit chick! I look forward to seeing that announcement :D:D

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