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Question about maintaining once reached goal weight


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S: 15st10lb C: 14st2lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 1st8lb(10%)
Hi everyone,

I'm new, and have been reading this thread for a while, but never posted before. I have pretty much made up my mind to start on the Cambridge Diet, but I'm curious as to how people stay at their goal weight - what do you eat in a 'normal' day and how do you cope with eating out - which is my major downfall : ) I've recently moved to live in the Netherlands and there are a lot of 3 course all-inclusive meal deals which my boyfriend and I always find hard to pass up!

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who's successfully maintaining - thanks in advance! Anoushka xx
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Hiya, I exercise a lot and I eat pretty much what I want. What I want, though, is fairly healthy most of the time. It's just that when I want pizza, I eat pizza. :)

Most days go something like this:

Breakfast - porridge with honey, blueberries, semi skimmed milk and a little cream
Lunch - usually involves bread to some extent. Top choice would be tuna mayo (full fat mayo) sandwiches with Heinz tomato soup.
Dinner - meat and two veg of some description.
Snacks - frozen grapes (truly the nicest things ever), apples and mini Cheddars (take one bite of apple, then a mini Cheddar, yum yum yum), dry cereal, sometimes biscuits with a cuppa in the afternoon
Drinks - black coffee, water, diet Irn Bru (don't like sweet drinks much)

I've lost over 6 stone and kept every pound off. Lost 4 stone of it 2 years ago on CD SS, maintained for 18 months, then decided I wanted to shift a bit more and lost 2 and a half stone earlier this year (healthy eating and exercise this time as I do far too much exercise now to be able to SS).

Edited to add: my top sandwich choice isn't anywhere near the healthiest option by the way, it's just my favourite. I have a huge sandwich repertoire some of which are really yummy and healthy. But nothing beats tuna mayo in my book.
Kate, you have done sooooooo well. And what a yummy menu that you have....when can I come for tea?? lol:D

Not usually a tuna mayo person but I do enjoy it when I have/had it. wOULD cERTAINLY love to eat it right now :eek:

deffo gonna try frozen grapes when I finish ss.

xxx sj
I think we have to keep in mind we cant eat as much as we did before, I maintained v well for ages, but then DD was hospitalised, eating when hungry wasnt an option, I ate choclate and crisps for 2 weeks solid!!

I have lost it all again, bar 1lbs, and am determined to keep it off this time!!!

Wise choices are the order of the day, plus, work up the stages when finishing SS x

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