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Question for counsellors


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My hubby is a new counsellor and had 10 customers all from website but theyve dwindled to 3 with a lot of annoying no shows?? Just wanted to ask do you think its a bad time of year for starters or are we doing something wrong as the phones gone very quiet!!!
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You're doing fine. It's completely normal.

I sign people up some return some find it too tough. And even though you can go through the try it with food conversation with them, few take you up on the offer.

In the early days when I got no shows I used to ring round and ask if everything was OK. But then I'd find that people got shirty with me and it felt like I was nagging and they said they'd ring me if they decided to carry on. So now when people don't show up, I don't chase.

Eventually what happens is that you sign up so many people and after a period of time you get people giving it another go. So you get repeat business that way. You also get to learn who is likely to just show up for a couple of weeks each year or twice a year and who is likely to stay the course.

There is a bit of a slow down at this time of year because of people being on holiday. Similar thing around Christmas. I have also personally found that the beginning of a year can be a bit slow because new people have to try things like slimming clubs first before they come to us almost as a last resort.
Hi Sarah

Just to put your mind at rest and to say I agree with Debz and your hubby's business will build up. I took a while to get going then I keep getting busy spurts, so just when I think it's all gone quiet I'll get a week with the phone constantly ringing. You do get a lot of people give up on the diets, it's not for everyone and no-shows are really annoying - I don't mind people giving up at all, I accept that not everyone wants to do the diet, but at least let me know so I'm not waiting in for someone or at least be able to free that time slot for someone else. It's probably the biggest annoyance of being a CDC but it's more than made up for by all the rest and the lovely people that you do meet and become clients and friends - wouldn't change jobs for the world.

My business has steadily grown since January and continues to do so. I think it is a bit quieter now and I don't think the weather particularly helps as when the sun shines and people start thinking about summer clothes and hols they all want to lose weight, but right now it's easy to hide in warm layers. Plus as Debz said a lot are now away, I think it'll get busy again in september as people look towards Christmas and want to lose before the eat-a-thon it is! and then of course January will be busier again I expect.

Hope it all goes well for your hubby in his new venture and if you need to know any more please don't hesitate to ask. :)


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Thanks to you both for your replies, its nice to have some reassurance!! Sarahxx.

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