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Hello, Okay, first of all sorry if this is TMI :eek:

Since working out at the gym 3x a week, my last two menstrual periods have been 15 days after each other :confused:, there normaly about 30 days apart!

Im not on a particualar diet, just healthy eating and counting calories, i feel fine in my self, just my periods have never been like this before :confused:

Im obviously going to go to the doctors, but i was just wondering if any women have had this before when they first started exercising or working out! was wondering if its common or if maybe its my bodies way of saying im over doing it???

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Well the last period I had lasted nearly a month, then 20 days later I've started another one just hoping it doesn't last a month again. Good luck at the doctors! xx

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When I first started to diet and exercise (last summer) same thing happened to me. Got a period as normal,a couple weeks later I got another period and that lasted a month! So went to the docs who gave me Northisterone to stop it and my periods have been regular and normal ever since.

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I always suffer bad periods and it is always worse the bigger I get so when I lose weight, it goes nuts! My Doctor explained my time of the month can be affected by weigh gain and loss. Don't panic, what happened to you is very normal. Doctors sometimes recomend the pill (cilest is common for ladies of a certain size) or mini pill to regulate it more during this time. Don't be put off exercising. There are very few exercises you would need to lay off during your period such as swimming and yoga (Inverted poses can put unecessary strain on you during that time) so if you do ether of these, find something comfortable to do instead at this time as exercise can actually help. Try walking instead for those few days. If you find your hormones are also all over the place, try Starflower oil. It's five times stronger than evening primrose. Hope that helps.:D