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Question: What time of day are you lightest?


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Lightest first thing in the morning as you haven't eaten or drinken anything.

I can be anything from 3 - 8 lbs heavier at night :)
Thanks Yuna / supastar - thought as much!

I only ever weigh myself first thing in the morning so maybe I am not getting the real figures :eek:
If you have later appointments should you stop drinkin a couple of hours before -
Someone said yesterday a litre of water weighs i think they said 2lbish ???
Hmmmm probably a good idea, gives u time to 'get rid of it'. I begin to feel a bit lightheaded If I leave it to long, But next Thurs my appt is at 1:30pm AAAAAAARGH! I Will prob just have a coffee in the morn, and wait it out.


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Definately the morning! The last I weight is whn I literally am lyingin bed, sit up and get straight out and walk into en suite, sheading any Pjs as I go, and get straight onto the scales.

Doing it this way rather than sitting up in bed or walking around a bit, can make a half a pound difference to me! (and 4 pound from first thing in the morning to last thing at night)

Yes, I full admit that there is a slight obsession with getting the lowest reading on the scales now!!


Step away from the chips!
Yep def first thing in the morning, though i normally only weigh about 2lbs heavier at night (and sometimes am the same, though have no idea why lol)
Thanks Dani - i've got my WI tomorrow evenin i'm definitely gonna lay off the water in the afternoon and have plenty of wee's before i go.
First thing after using the loo :)

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