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Eloquent hooligan
I'm sure I read somewhere that you have to have your shake within 15 mins of making it or the nutrients are lost....

Sorry - frozen strawberry LT sorbet sounds lush in this heat too


maintaining since June'09
No - sorry, that's right about the 15mins. You might think it'd be okay because it'd be frozen but it'd take longer than that to freeze. Not supposed to microwave anything either fyi xx
Oh, thats not good, you think the lady in the chemist would know since she is selling them to me....tut :(
Yeah, just to repeat what the others have said and also to add that you'd have to eat the whole six just to have one shake in ya! Good idea though, sigh.


Eloquent hooligan
Also (here comes the single living alone male sterotype :eek:) have you ever left a glass overnight (OK, OK... for a few days... or possibly a week) without washing it up... ? Smells proper rank... that'll be the minerals & vits detioriotating over time... that's how it would be in the freezer until it set :eek:
eeeyeewww! Yeah, I left my shaker at the desk a few times and when I went to clean it the next day it was like atomic warfare! Yeah. Dont freeze your shakes babes. Blaaaaa!

PMSL at that video HD!! Poor stupid stupid animal. And the cat's not that bright either. :) ;);)


Eloquent hooligan
It gets better everytime I watch it :D

I love the way he looks inside confused & then does that cat thing which seems to infer "Yeah well... I didn't wanna come in anway..."

Note I said HE as only a male would be that stupid or indeed outwardly nonchalant afterwards :D
LMAO -now you're talkin' my language! lol

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