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is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
I currently do Rosemary Conoly but i am a bit intrigued by Alli i know how it works etc but i was just wondering if anyone had any advice my bmi is just above normal at 26.8 but i would love to drop 6lbs before i go on holiday in 4 week and i know it can help your weight loss by over a third... any suggestions or tips. Also does your body go straight back to normal afterwards or do you have to go on a maintenance diet.
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my advice is that you DONT need pills to lose 6 pounds, just go for an evening walk, your weight is healthy alli is not for you in my opinion. enjoy your holiday :)


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
the six pound is just the start i have another two to lose in total the top of my bmi is not correct for my body shape XXXX i'll ask the chemist thanks for your advice.
the chemist wont issue anyone with ali or xenical unless they have a bmi over 28 just like the girls have told you.. i agree you dont need any pills to loose a max of 8 pounds.. ali and xenical are drugs used to treat obesity and big weight problems.. whilst i understand that your weight is a big deal to you unfortunatley doctors have set guidelines to these pills to ensure safety to people....

maybe just get a little bit more active and see how you go from there


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
Yes i understand how it works i work in pharmaceuticals i wasn't aware that the pharmacists actually checked your bmi before allowing you to use it as i know you can legally buy it on the net. Oh well not to worry , you ladies use it so you know best. It was just a thought seen as my weight loss seems to have plateaued regardless of the exercise i suppose i shall just carry on as i am.
yeah its hard when we hit plateaus , but its important to work through it , maybe try interval training (short bursts of very fast paced exercise followed by a few minutes of light exercise..) this will spruce up your motabilisim , also make sure your drinking enough water at least 2 litres a day if you can manage.

another thing to think about is food intake.. what you started off eating at the begining of your diet isnt prob what your body needs now.. when we loose weight we need less to sustain our bodys.. im not talking about hundreds of calories ect just maybe 100 calories less a day with a change of exercise and in time you will see results..

try mixing up the times you exercise and if you have a routine change it , your body gets used to something and becomes unresponsive =[

goodluck xx

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