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Quick Q...What about other drinks?

Do you count cals in EVERYTHING you have (other than your SF)?

i drink gallons of tea with milk, wondering if i should be chopping some cals off my snack allowance to cover the milk? same with fruit juice?

Also - i bought some Bran Flakes today 157cals for a bowl with milk, was going to have a bowl for supper (between dinner & bed) and save cals from the 600 dinner allowance. do you think thats ok?? think this will help get things 'moving' , i get bunged quite easily :eek: sorry tmi :8855:
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in my dreams!!!!!!
hiya, yes, fraid i do which is why i usually have ready meal and salad or veg as can't be bothered to do it! i think you should count the milk and orange juice as they are calories and may affect your result in the long run.

i only drink black coffee and don't count that (but perhaps i should) and have steered clear of anything else just in case lol! re your bran flakes if you take off the amount yes its fine. i think you will gradually change snacks and things to what you fancy more anyhow as buying all sf stuff can get quite expensive and there are other things that last that bit longer. and qu's just pop back on here. hope it helps a little x


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perhaps use skimmed milk, or dried milk cos thats less cals?
Lol yeah I just love my cups of tea! luckily I dont take sugar and If I do have milk its always skimmed milk.On the odd occasion when I fancy a coffee im having it black as to cut down cals,Could never drink tea black though.
Think its the caffeine too,I have 4 daughters so need plenty of energy lol!

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