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Quick weight losing tips


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Hi Musclegentleman

I think it's different for everyone but I'll expound on my dieting theories, they may help.

I think it is important to be aware of various things about yourself when deciding on a way to diet as different diets will suit different people. There’s no set list but here are a few examples:

· Are your family and friends likely to be supportive?
· Do you like cooking?
· What things in your social life would make it difficult to diet?
· Do you like following a routine?
· Are you someone who needs to do things their own way or someone who likes to follow rules and other people’s guidance?
· What are the main triggers that cause you to eat?
· What is the pattern of your day?
· What’s your boredom threshold?

I’ve dieted on and off for a number of years. I’ve always been successful for about three months and then it went wrong. The main problems for me have been boredom, hated of cooking and a generally erratic lifestyle. I’m not sure I’ve yet found a solution to the boredom but using a food replacement diet has really solved the cooking issue and I have finally grown up and realized that if I didn’t actually try and do things like go to bed at a sensible time dieting wasn’t likely to be successful. I have also taken the decision to suspend nearly all my social life but that probably wouldn’t suit most people.

As far as groups go again I think this is personal but a lot of people do find them useful. I didn’t used to think I would much like a group approach but I quite enjoy meeting up with the other people in my LL group each week.

Over all I’d suggest browsing the threads for all the different diets on this site. Most options are pretty well covered and that should give you some ideas for what might suit you.

Good luck


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i think lifestyle is the most important thing for weight loss. if your constantly going out of your own way to do something, your mind and body dont like it.

thats probably why when i was at school and playing an average of about 2 hours of football every single day, i didnt have a any fat on me, i was nicely cut. but since then and college, ive stopped playing and started gaining fat and flab. and my diet has remained the same (plenty of junk food and coke).

if you could join a club or something which does some sort of sport, you will see the fat jump of your body. and the thing about sports is you enjoy it more than anything, you dont need any motivation to do it. even right now, if i see a football i will want to jump at it and start playing.

and for weight (fat) loss, i have learnt that doing some weight training is absolutely vital.

personally i dont think diet is that important. obviosly if your stuffing your face with fast food and cakes, its not gonna lead you anywhere. but not many human beings can eat healthy foods non stop until they crack.

so thats why my diet regime is flexible. i will stay good about 70% of the time, but i will still eat my chicken and chips from time to time.

Different things obviously work for different people but I have finally given up on dieting and am now following a healthy eating programme. For me, it has involved adapting my lifestyle but it works as it is not restrictive and the focus is on changing your habits for life and is not meant to be short-term solution. So far so good in terms of progress. I am loving it - eating healthily, exercising and - perhaps most importantly for me - learning to deal with the triggers for over-eating by learning to love myself. Of course there are days when I wobble - but what the programme has taught me is that it's ok to wobble - it's how you get back up and keep going that is important

Good luck with whatever you chose to follow

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