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Quins in target range, maintaining and beyond!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Quins, 3 November 2011 Social URL.

  1. Quins

    Quins Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, I need some advice as I seem stuck on 13'5. Started in new year, weighed in at home 14'10, has a nice steady loss to 13'8 and slowed over summer, had holiday in August and came back 13'13, focussed again and now at 13'6 and 13'5 for 3 weeks. Can anyone give me some advice how to get going again, would like to get to 12' 10.

    I do mainly green through the week , for ease of eating at work. So quorn features quite a bit.

    Diary for today.

    Coffee black at home

    B. Muller lite passion fruit yog, banana, satsuma, some grapes, 1 oz porridge. Cup coffee with semi.

    L. Pasta shapes, sauce of onion, fennel seeds, mixed herbs, chicken bovril, diced carrot, garlic, water, carton passata. 2 small t spoons phili lite garlic herb. Salad, celery chopped, spring onion, red pepper, lettuce.
    2 glass water.

    I have a mug shot to have if I need it before I get home

    Tonight, not sure what to have , need some suggestions or it will be tin spaghetti and egg on toast.
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  3. Quins

    Quins Well-Known Member

    Well, no one responded? I will try and work it out by trial and error.

    No mug shot, too busy at work. Got home at 6.30 really hungry, I get to the stage where I will just eat whatever is available.

    Nicked a piece of garlic bread from kids left over dinner, heated up pasta and sauce same as lunch but put mushy peas over it too. Had 6 tea spoons of lean beef mince bolognese in dolmio original whilst waiting.
    Cup of tea.
    Took kids to swim club
    Came back had vanilla muller lite
    2 glasses water.

  4. vickidyers

    vickidyers Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this helps.....

    I have a few green days (same as you - easier at work). I come home from work pooped and need something fairly quick so I do things like:
    Sweet and sour chicken (chicken used as HEXB) Uncle bens light sweet n sour sauce
    beef stroganoff (beef used as HEXB) - I'm no cook so I use Colmans beef stroganoff packet mix = 7 syns. It's supposed to serve 4, but my OH and I have half each!!

    my only little bit of advice is to plan ahead. If I don't I come home from work tired and hungry and end up eating whatever I can get my hands on!

    Best of luck x
  5. mrs big b

    mrs big b Well-Known Member

    Maybe try something different think that's what has helped me . I do a mix of red green & ee . What do you have for syns? Are you eating enough . My consultant says it's best to eat regularly to keep the metabolism going I eat 3 meals 3 snacks most days snacks for me are mainly fruit . Also I try & drink plenty . Dont really have many other suggestions but good luck with it .
  6. Quins

    Quins Well-Known Member

    Thanks mrs big b, would you be willing just to keep an eye on my diary? I will mix it up but I am not confident of the H. E s or if I am eating enough. I feel great , really notice the difference in the guy if my clothes, needed stuff for work.

    B. 6 ryvita cracker breadthings 3 dairylea lite cheese, tomato sliced, cucumber sliced, 6 wafer thin Bernard matthews turkey ham. Coffee with skimmed. Any syns there?

    This is heading ee isn't it?

    Might have to go to pub for work lunch, will look for jacket spud, grilled chicken breast and salad with balsamic vinegar.

    Snacks? I will try and get bunch if grapes and I have a couple of apples. Plus a chicken mugshot in my desk.
  7. mrs big b

    mrs big b Well-Known Member

    Looks good :) are you using the crackerbread as heb ? Is the dairylea & milk hea? You only get 1 of each on ee . If they are he then I'd say syn free :) I try & help where I can
  8. Quins

    Quins Well-Known Member

    I don't know about H. E s, I just picked the breakfast out of one of the magazines and its on ee. So I will follow that.

    Trying to plan ahead, if I have the chicken and jacket salad at lunch, what could I have for dinner tonight? I have a gammon steak, but don't know what carb?

    Really appreciate your help.
  9. jockiejoe

    jockiejoe Wanting Is The Key

    Whilst not following Sw at present, but am in place of losing 7+ st, following my knowledge of various slimming clubs that me gained over my years of swinging up n down on the weight loss journey. But Be careful u is eating enough, its assumed eating real low as in cals will surely lose weight. Well in my travels some of my good losses were when me had eaten well n didnt expect a loss. But good luck n stick on rd, the scales will show a result. I normally weighted in fortnightly now its monthly. Weight loss happens differently for us all
  10. Quins

    Quins Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone. My lunch is changing, now not going to pub, left to my own devices and this is where I could lose the plot. ...

    I have access to tesco so I could revert to green? I can get quorn swedish meat balls, tesco basmsati pouch rice, tin tomatoes or passata, some salad.

    But will that throw my gammon steak for tonight our of the window?

    I used to be confident doing sw, but now trying to lose again I am so unsure.

    Your help and support is really appreciated to get me over this hurdle.
  11. vickidyers

    vickidyers Well-Known Member

    a salad and pack of cooked sliced meat then fruit for desert if you where aiming for gammon tonight? x
  12. Quins

    Quins Well-Known Member

    Vicki, thanks, ideal , I will get packet of smoked wafer ham or chicken and A salad and some bananas.

    Can I have sw chips , mushy peas and an egg with my gammon ?
  13. elleandca

    elleandca Well-Known Member

    i follow green, the thing that keeps me on track is planning

    try and plan meals in advance youl be more focused if you know what your cooking/eating in advance

    keep superfree snacking stuff at hand for the ravaged times when you get in from work, i have carrot sticks, choped melon and a fruit bowl of stuff always on hand/ in fridge to nibble on while cooking.. quork mixed with low syn hot chocolate for quick sweet fixes.. nom nom
  14. ermintrude

    ermintrude Well-Known Member

    You could still do Green, Red or EE as youve had 1 HEXA and 1 HEXB (Ryvita & cheese/milk) but if you went Green the ham would be your other HEXB (you get 113g) and if you went Red or EE it is obviously free.

    If you do EE you dont *have* to have carbs - its just that you can if you want to, provided 1/3 of all meals is superfree.

    So your day is still entirely open as to which plan you choose, but your HEXBs are used up on Green or EE, whereas you still have 1 HEXB left on Red. You also still have all 15 syns left, and 1 HEXA on Red or Green - youve got plenty of options there still :)
  15. Quins

    Quins Well-Known Member

    So I can have a green day, quorn balls , rice , tomatoes salad

    Tonight sw chips, gammon (113gm)
    Mushy peas, egg.

  16. Quins

    Quins Well-Known Member

    So it ended up like this:
    Coffee with milk

    6 ryvita cracker bread , 3 diarylea light, cucumber, tomatoes, 6 sliced wafer turkey ham Bernard matthews.

    Black coffee, tea with milk x 2 water, banana

    Quorn swedish meatballs, half pack microwave pouch tesco basmsati half tim chopped toms
    Coffee milk skimmed

    Pub after work
    2x gin and slimline

    Gammon steak, morrisons, fat taken off edge, probably weighed more than 113g but trimmed up further, sw chips mushy peas, fry light egg.

    2 teaspoons morrisons tiramasu.
  17. mrs big b

    mrs big b Well-Known Member

    Sounds great :D
  18. Quins

    Quins Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the vote if confidence mrs b . You gals are helping me focus. It's helping me plan better, although I noticed the shopping bill went up today!

    Today went like this

    6 ryvita dairylea breakfast same as yesterday


    Spaghetti on 2 toast from small loaf and dried egg


    Booked rice, mushy pea and naked bean, carrot , passata and desert spoon patak madras paste, 1 small piece chicken leg. Cucumber.

    I muller lite yog.

  19. Quins

    Quins Well-Known Member

    Booked rice and naked beans? That was boiled rice and baked beans. !

    The awkard day out at rugby worked out well with some planning.

    4 ryvita wholegrain crackerbread dairylea, tomatoes, wafer turkey ham. Coffee with milk, 1 without.

    At rugby match I avoided all the bacon and sausages in bsps , chips etc took my own lunch if
    1 tikka chicken leg from last night, cherry tomatoes, 1 coffee with milk and diet coke.

    Just for home, snacks 1 bag ryvita minis, banana and muller lite vanilla.

    Tonight looking forward to sw beef goulash with brussels, broccoli mashed carrot and swede mash.

    30 min turbo trainer bike.
  20. Maddysmum

    Maddysmum Well-Known Member

    Also if doing EE you didn't eat enough superfree food at lunch time.

  21. Quins

    Quins Well-Known Member

    Doing original red today

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