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Quirky dog-walkers!


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Just been out for my usual circular stroll, and on a nice balmy evening, I notice a lot more people walking, jogging, cycling and dog-walking.

Dog-walking is a bit of a mis-nomer though. So many people put the dogs into a car, drive to the "pretty spots" then get out and either walk or release the dog(s)?

What's that all about?

I wonder if they promise the dogs a nice wee drive and walkies and possibly finish up at Bones-U-like or somewhere for treats:p
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Haha I like this!

I generally bung the dog in the car when a) we're pushed for time and I'd rather she had a quick walk than go without (no suitable walking areas within 15 minutes of my house), or b) where we want to walk is a few miles away from our house!
My dog gets walked by me in the fields behind us or the canal towpath by us. But I'm lucky. She will go other places but usually only if I'm going to the area anyway and there is a good walk near where I'm going.
Lol, I would love to put Sox in a car & drive him somewhere nice.. We might even stop off at Bones-U-like for a treat. ;)

Seriously though.. OH & I dream of taking him to new places - even to the park which is only 3 miles away from our house. We used to walk him there, have a play & walk back but now he has arthritis & isn't supposed to walk that far :(


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We live in the countryside and have plenty of places to walk our dogs. However, we live about 5 minutes drive from the seaside so will often drive down, walk along the prom and back (5 miles) then stop at the coffee shop.

It's turned into a bit of a routine now. Beach in the morning, mountain at night lol
Been out this week with my sister and three of her five Dobermans and her Mini Pinscher, yes we drive down, because that;s easier than having three very strong dogs who all thrill at the smell of a rabbit/deer/Muntjac and would be off if they got a whiff!


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Guilty too! In the morning I walk him up to the nearby rec ground for a run about, but if in the evenings we have extra time, we take a drive to the lake or the playing fields so he can have a swim or a REALLY big run-around! Walked him to the park last night, but there was a spitfire there. How inconsiderate is that!?! :D


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The cat often comes with us for a walk, we don't need to lead him up though, he just scampers infront. We do help him across the roads though :D
We live on a small farm but our crowd (7) of unruley canines still expect to be walked every night in the vineyards.

Spoilt brats !!!
Tried that, the rabbit turned round and ate it. It was a short lived idea :)
What a very sensible rabbit.

We live on a small farm but our crowd (7) of unruley canines still expect to be walked every night in the vineyards.

Spoilt brats !!!
Forgot to say that the goats go too.............Paul looks a bit like Saint Francis.

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