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quorn chicken fillets?!

doh! i was so sure we were allowed these for some reason? sure i had seen otehr people saying they had them so i thought id buy some for a change, got home weighed them out etc and started cookin them then read the back and they have onion flavouring and other stuff in them? does that mean they are not "allowed" i ate them anyways as i went out special to get them and didnt have time to go out again?? help? :confused:
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Stubborn tortoise
I think not allowed until 1000 or even 1200, alas.

arghh but they were yummy! so much nicer than the little pieces :( doh!!!!


Ah well

I was hopeful for Quorn Cold meat, thought that would be nice in a lunchbox with the salad allowance.

So pieces and mince then.
gah! the quorn people should hurry up and make some other goodies that we CAN eat,


Have to say I quite like the pieces

Make a nice curry with them, even on CD, not bland in the slightest.
hmm i make a "curry" with the mince,oriental chilli soup with mushrooms and chilli flakes, not bad, how do you make ur curry? and i think the chicken pieces are nice, but was excited about the fillets as they were something "different" lol


I make mines with the pieces
Add them to a wok, and start to dry fry off, I then add turneric, chilli powder and some garam masala, stir to coat the pieces
Add some water to moisten up the pieces and cook them through
Wait for water to evaporate down a bit
Add in veggies you are using until they are cooked

Thats it!
ill be trying that tonight me thinks :D i didnt think the garam massala stuff was allowed?


don't see why not, although I am always happy to be corrected if wrong. Its Chilli, cumin, coriander and a cardamom, dry spices ground. I use about 1/2 a teaspoon if making the curry. Theres no salt or anything else added.

However will stop using it if discover its not allowed.
ah those things are ok i think on their own so should be ok alltogether i think i was thinking of the wrong thing :s sorry!

p.s its DEAD at work :(
and omg how many times can i say the word think :D


I didn't notice until you pointed it out.

Glad my garam masala is still allowed (so far touch wood), beginning to panic there.
sorry!! didnt mean to cause any panick xxx

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