R there any local Lighter Lifers to me

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  1. Lighter me

    Lighter me Member

    Lighter Life
    Hi all

    I am just interested in if there are any local girls/men in the Manchester, Cheshire area to swap support - all the support I have had from all over has been fantastic:) Thank you everyone!

    Was just looking for some local support because, new to lighter life, very new to the area (3 months), and would really love to hear some local news of LL as I havent seen any great weight loss strories from this neck of the woods:(

    I know LL is from the south (essex I think?) so is it new to us northen lasses?

    Weigh in tonight hope its a "Whey hey" in!!!:) :) :) feeling good

    Lighter me xxxxxxxx
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  3. sonkie

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    Good luck for tonights weigh in, dont forget to let us know your result.
    Sorry Im way down in Plymouth, but I will keep popping in to see how you are getting on.
  4. chunkychicken

    chunkychicken Full Member

    Northern lass to the rescue

    Hi Lighter me

    I am from Handforth, Wilmslow in Cheshire and only just moved to the area myself but have always been a Manchester lass.

    I am on day 2 of my LL journey (currently eating/drinking my vegetable pack!). I attend the class in Bramhall - which one do you go to?

    Sorry I don't have an amazing loss to inspire you - but hopefully we can help each other none the less - where are you up to (days abstinent?)

  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Slimming World
    Hi Lighter me,

    Good luck with your weigh in tonight!

    Love Mini xxx
  6. Lighter me

    Lighter me Member

    Lighter Life
    Hi Laura

    I started Sunday so only into day 5, Didn't like my shake this morning caramel YUK!:mad: so was very nearly looking for food:cry: but I drank it anyway my counseller said add some coffee but that was no better - looking forward to bars this week, the other ladies in my group say they give you wind!!:eek: so that should be fun!!

    The whole things amazing, I like not eating, I guess its something new, haven't tried that one before:)

    How much weight are you going to loose, I have got 6 stone seems such a lot but I am sure it will be worth it?

    Got to grips with the finacial costs this morning was questioning should I be doing CD not LL as they have more flavours, and cheaper guess that was just a reaction to a very nasty Caramel pack!!!!!!!!! and now thats over time to move on!

    Hope we can support each other, I am in a group in Sale

    Will keep you posted as to weigh lost:D

    Love Lighter Me
  7. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    HI Lighterme!

    I also go to Maria in Sale, she is an inspriation isnt she ? and its nice to be doing it with a counsellor who is also following the programme as she knows what we are going through!

    I have told all the ladies in my group about this forum , but I am on week 4 so I think its unlikely that you are in my group , 8.30 Thurs.
    I actually live in Warrington but we dont have any LLC , but its not too far to travel, I think we are quite well served in our neck of the woods, as I have heard of people doing 80 mile round trips.
    I also would like to lose 6 stones perhaps a bit more , will face that hurdle when I get to it.
    Glad you are getting along Ok with it so early on , because if you are not struggling too badley now you will find it easier in the next few weeks. My problem was hunger , I was hungry all the time well into the third week, but now its not too bad at all, and I have broken some of the habits like alsways opening the fridge or the bread bin every time I went past them. The funny thing is I didnt even realise I did it untill LL because there really is no reason to go in the fridge at all and I was still doing it all the time.

    Anyway enough of my waffle, its great to have you on board , I just wanted to introduce myself. Oh so scared weigh in later , and I'm worried I may not have lost this week, will post the results when I get back tonight.

    Carole xxxxx
  8. SuzyA

    SuzyA Full Member

    Lighter Life

    Hi Laura/Lighter Me

    I also go to the Bramhall group. I am on week 12 remarkably but have been sticking with it. So far I have lost 36.5 pounds but have another 2 stone to lose.

    Do stick with it because it does give you great results. I've actually lost the least out of my group but I'm really happy. Keep trying the flavours because it's amazing how your tastes change. I don't really like the soups any more and can only have the sweet flavours hot. Hot chocolate really isn't too bad and I have to have coffee in the vanilla/caramel flavours. However I use a cup of proper black coffee rather than instant and I find it much better that way.

    Keep at it. If you want to email or meet up please let me know because I'd love to share the experience. It has been difficult to have conversations with friends outside of the group because they don't have the same issues or understand really.

    Anyways enjoy the journey, it'll be over before you know it and you'll have some great results really soon.

    Suzy x
  9. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    I'm not that far away from you - I'm in Lancashire. Not that far from Wigan - good luck for your whey hey in tonight :)

  10. Lighter me

    Lighter me Member

    Lighter Life
    4 pound in th right direction

    :) Happy as can be!!! only started LL last sunday and already 4 pound lighter, still a lot to go, but at last its going. Great counselling as well, just feel ready to take on the world and not being a victim any more!! if you know what I mean

    "Whey hey night" and long may they last!


    Lighter me:D
  11. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

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    Hi I'm close-ish. I'm in North Wales but have to travel to Wrexham (100 miles round trip) to go to my meetings. Did LL in Edinburgh last year and lost 6 stone in 5 1/2 months. When I moved to Wales I didn't have a group close by so went off the rails and put 2 1/2 stone back on. LL was the only thing that had ever worked for me so I decided that the trip is worth it every week.

    Back on my restart - day 11 (with a mini 2 day break in the middle :eek:) but once your "in the zone" it does get easier.

    Good luck with your journey and keep posting!
  12. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Lighter Me

    4lb is brilliant in just a few days .... and those 4 will very soon be followed by a whole lot more :)

    Well done

  13. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    well done & stick with it! It is worth it & the weigh really does drop off!
  14. Pixie

    Pixie Silver Member

    Hi Lighter me!
    Im in Cheshire so not so far away :)
    Do you really see yourself as a Northern Lass?
    I hate that phrase :p
  15. MissPiggyFi

    MissPiggyFi somebody shrink me

    Cambridge Diet USA
    Oooh how exciting, I'm a heald green girlie!! small world!

    well actually i'm all over the place with uni etc, but my mum's house and my favourite bed is in heald green lol :p

    my mum works in the tesco at handforth dean.... and EVERYONE has been there!! (yup, even the beckhams lol)

    Good luck everyone with the weight-loss!!:D :D
  16. SuzyA

    SuzyA Full Member

    Lighter Life
    What a small world. I was in there today!!!

    Just done by 13 week weigh in!! Now down by 2 stone 10 pounds with 3 1/2 to go to the 3 stone mark!!!
    Only problem was I forgot the photos were being taken today!!!

    Good luck everyone for the week

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