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Rachel's Maintenance Diary


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welcome to refeed :)


I will be skinny again!!!

Did you find it hard to eat your first meal?

I did lol


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Thanks Chell - Yes I did, was nice - well the salad was - tomatoes were amazing! Found the chicken quite hard going, gave the remaining bit I couldn't eat to the dog :)
Had the same lunchtime was gorg! When can I add 5 spice?, I bought Schwartz Thai 7 spice today as 5 spice was sold out :(. Also do you know when I can start taking supplements? I want to take a hair,skin and nails formula, my fine hair has become sooo thin. I didn't see any actual hair loss as such and I always use volumising products but even so...its become even thinner!!! :(


I will be skinny again!!!
You can add spices now, you can from the very beginning!!

Im guessing supplements will be fine now too, the only reason we couldnt take things before is due to incase it knocked us out of ketosis...

Id take them after day 4 just to be on the safe side because thats when you have potato!


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Thanx hun, weird things that happen on this diet eh! I also have really dry hands- I never get dry hands! I'm loving the spices! Can't wait to try the 7 spice! x


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Day 2 Brekkie - Strawberry shake

Lunch Chicken breast and salad

Dinner Tinned Tuna salad Tuna was yummy - got a bit dry after a while, do had the rest again x


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Day 3:

Brekkie: Shake

Lunch: Chicken Salad

Dinner: Tin of Tuna and salad

Went to a 'ladies night' for the choir I'm in last night. Everyone took nibbles and alchohol. i was vey good had a 1.5 litre bottle of highland spring and had it in a wine glass and made huge plate of sald crudites and picked at those. Everyone had the most delish crisps and nibbles and I didnt even try 'em! x
Day 4:

Brekkie: choc shake

Lunch: will be having a wholemeal pitta with chicken in yoghut and tikka spice and salad

Dinner: Tuna and medium Jacket with salad

Some sof Rachels Dairy Organic Fat Free Strawberry yoghurt - cant wait for that! xx
Day 5 Brekkie Vanilla Shake

Lunch Wholemeal pitta with chicken marinated in tikka spice and fat free natural yoghurt

Dinner Chicken breast cooked in slow cooker with chinese 5 spice, chiis, green peppers, beansprouts,chick peas and mushrooms - it was yummy just like Wagamamas chicken chilli Ramen - without noodles.

A am really worried I half a tiny bit of my no-fat carrot cake, I'm really worried Im getting back into the habit of picking !

Does anyone know can I have lentils on day 5?


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rach your lunch sounds great - did you add stock or anything to it?
Hi DD, The thai chicken? - no. I just put a breast of chicken in the slow cooker with Thai 7 spice, some dried chill flakes and paprika, left it all day on low Then when i fancied my dinner I got the beansprouts and veg and stir fryed them, cut the chicken breast up anded add the whole of the slow cooker contents (including the juice to the stirfry - ended up like the ramen soup you get in Wagamamas if you know it) and it was gorgeous!!!
I slow cook all my chicken breasts now just pop one in the slowcooker with some water, pepper and whatever herbs and spices beore work and in the evening you come home to a beautifully tender piece of chicken - doesnt shrink at all either.
Fat free yoghurt is also amazing with tikka spice - coat chicken in it or try it with tuna. xx


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wow - I'll try that this week, I LOVE chilli chicken ramen :)
Me too - after typing that lasgt night I told my dh to take me to wagas soon! x
Day 6

brekkie strawb Shake

Lunch Pitta, sald and piece of lean ham with balsamic ...yum!!!

Dinner slowcooked breast of chicken, smalll jacket pot and salad

Snacks orange, 2 strawberries and 3 spoonfuls of Rachels low fat strawberry yoog...Yummm

Loads of water, black tea and coffee with skimmed milk...mmmm
thank you Mark!

Day 7
Brekkie Strawberry Shake -
Lunch - Salad with chicken and balsamic vinegar - i put strawberries in my sald today- they are Lush with balsamic - I urge you to try it people!!!!
Dinner - will update later xx
Rach, I think I was well into the second week before I had lentils, but I cant see any reason why you cant have them anytime after day 4, its good carbs hun.
Kered thanks- Itried your soup recipe but got a soup mix, lentils, aduki beans, peal barle etc packets from Morri's. Well I dont know if their packaging was wrog but it said to soak them overnight which I did and then put in slow cooker along with everything else. Well you can imagine i came home from work open the lid and it was just full of beans no soup!! I was very disapointed!! Decided to bin it....learnt a lesson, less lentils, less lentils!!!! x

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