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Ready steady slim!!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Charliemae, 3 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Start weight : 9:13.5

    Day two

    Early morning snack: mullerlight with cherry underlay 1.5

    Breakfast: egg white muffins ( egg white, mushrooms, tomatos, spring onion, spinach, rocket, tobasco)
    1/2 grapefruit

    Snack: 2 hifi light bars (hexb)

    Lunch/dinner: (had to go to restaurant as last day out American visitors r With us before flight)
    Chicken teriyaki noodle stir fry with veg. Few garlic potatoes and garlic bread

    Snack: 2 rice cakes and 250ml ss milk (hexa)

    Green tea x2
    2 litres of water

    Today wasn't so great. But noted and now on to a new day
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  3. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Day 3

    Early breakfast: muller light Greek mango 0.5

    Brunch: egg white muffins( spinach, wild rocket, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, spring onions, tobasco)
    Baked beans
    Green tea

    Snack: grapefruit
    Hifi bar light. Green tea

    Dinner: slimming world lasagne (cheese hexa)
    Green tea

    Snack: muller light, green tea

    2 litres of water
  4. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Day 7

    Breakfast/brunch: 3 egg white muffins. Packed with mushrooms spinach rocket tomatos. Hot sauce.
    Muller light Greek 0.5

    Dinner: rump steak with fry light mushrooms and onions. Pepper sauce (hexa) 4
    Pomergrante seeds
    Green tea

    Snack: 2hifi light bars (hexb)
  5. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    First weigh In

    2.5lbs off :)
  6. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Week 2 day 1

    Breakfast: muller light Greek 0.5

    Lunch: tesco chilli chicken noodle salad 4

    Snack: 2 hifi light (hexb)

    Dinner: prawn and quinoa bake (hexa)

    Snack: free from chocolate spread
    Glass of wine 4
  7. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Day 2

    Breakfast: scrambled egg. Grapefruit

    Lunch: chicken wrap with peppers onions (15)??
    Hot sauce
    Green tea

    Snack: 2 hifi light. Hexb

    Dinner: prawn stirfry with sauce (2)

    Snack: fat free natural yogurt

    2 litres of water
    Last edited: 9 September 2014
  8. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Day 3

    Breakfast: 2 egg white muffins

    Snack: mullerlight Greek 0.5

    Lunch: chicken. Quinoa tomatoes onions mushrooms peppers garlic spices and herbs
    2 hifi light bars hexb

    Snack: vegetable soup

    Dinner: chicken, pasta, onions peppers garlic mushrooms chopped tomatoes passata chillies 30g cheese (hexa)

    Snack: free from chocolate and hazelnut spread (14.5)
    Last edited: 10 September 2014
  9. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Day 4

    Breakfast: 2 egg white muffins with veg

    Lunch: chicken pasta mushrooms onions peppers chillies tomatos and passata with herbs and spices. Muller light Greek 0.5

    Dinner: went out for pizza with family. Had three slices and garlic dip and some chips. (Bad times )
  10. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Day 5

    Breakfast: three egg white muffins
    1/2 grapefruit

    Snack: chocolate (15)

    Lunch: chicken pasta with passata and chopped tomatoes and mushrooms peppers onions and chillies
    Last edited: 12 September 2014
  11. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Day 6

    Breakfast: 2 egg white muffins with veg
    Fat free natural yogurt

    Snack: boiled egg

    Dinner: Chinese and chocolate
    Last edited: 14 September 2014
  12. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Such a bad week. Need a slap
  13. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Day 7

    Breakfast: mango and pomergrante
    Green tea

    Snack: cockles

    Lunch: chilli soup green tea

    Snack: mixed fruit

    Dinner: chilli soup green tea
  14. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Week2 and 1/2 lb on. Can't complain. I was bad.
    100% this week apart from fri and birthday I'm throwing.
  15. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Breakfast: 1 hifi light (hexb)
    Mullerlight Greek 0.5
    Pomergrante seeds and mango

    Lunch: naked noodles (1.5)
    Fruit salad (figs peach blackberries)

    Dinner: slimming world salt n chilli chicken with onions, peppers, mushrooms and chillies. Wholewheat noodles and tasty sauce. (2)

    Snack: wine and malteasers
    Last edited: 16 September 2014
  16. Charliemae

    Charliemae Full Member

    Day 2

    Breakfast: 35g malted wheaties, 250ml ss milk (hexa and b)
    Green tea

    Snack: mullerlight

    Snack: pomergrante

    Lunch: ready to eat spicy chicken

    Snack: green tea

    Dinner: Sw pasta bolengnese
    Last edited: 16 September 2014

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